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Glossier Monochromes in Jute and Prairie

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I've become a pretty big fan of Glossier, especially when it comes to their makeup. I love the Glossier Stretch Concealer, it's quite possibly my favorite even though I own a ton of concealer. I also love the Vainylic Lip in Pony, the Ultralips are FAB and I have purchased a myriad of other products for my girls including GlossiWEAR. 

So it's no surprise that I placed an immediate order on the morning that they launched their very first powder eyeshadow, the Glossier Monochromes: an essential eyeshadow trio in one shade but three different finishes. Honestly, I love the idea behind this as someone who really covets a good single or a one-and-done eyeshadow look. I am also someone who tends to get overwhelmed when faced with too many choices in an eyeshadow palette, so the idea of taking a shadow color that I really love and having three finishes of it in a small little compact is kind of genius to me. I'm surprised no one had thought of it before, but I think it totally fits Glossier's more minimalist aesthetic.

The two shades that I picked from the 10 options available are two that I tend to reach for the most in my collection: taupe (Jute) and olive(Prairie). There might have been one or two more shades that I definitely thought were nice, but taupe and olive are no brainers for me, and the ones I knew could and will become essentials for me. 


I love these little refillable compacts, they remind me of the holiday Bite Beauty tins. I also like that you can purchase a refill of the three pans if you should finish your shadow. I really like that this is how the industry is starting to head.

The eyeshadows are beautiful and the formula of all is solid, which could be a surprise considering Glossier hadn't done a powder shadow before. But I so enjoyed my experience with these, the mattes are soft, super easy to blend, and the satin and metallics are gorgeous. I also found staying power to be superb even while not wearing a primer. IMO, Glossier nailed the formula of all three finishes. 

At $22 per compact, I think the price is more than fair. You have to remember that Glossier is not a drugstore brand. I've heard a lot of chatter about the price but I think it fits right in with Glossier's prices which are mid-range. 


The matte in Jute is almost invisible on my lids, it actually looks more like I used a Mac paint pot to even my lid color than if I used eyeshadow, and I am a light medium skin tone. I've watched a few reviews and have seen that there are a few other shades that also have very light mattes, so def look for swatches before making your purchase.

But even though the matte in Jute is so light, the satin and shimmer are so beautiful and really sparkle in such a magical way on my lids, that I am still super stoked to have it. But more depth to the shade would have totally been ideal for a larger range of skin tones. 

I don't have any other cons, I love prairie and I love how romantical and pretty Jute is. I am very happy with my two choices and might even pick up a third shade during Glossier's holiday sale, the shade Heather really tickles my fancy. But you never know. 

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