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Flower Beauty Petal Play Quad in Black Iris

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It's been a while since I last dipped into Flower Beauty, but on a recent trip to CVS I stopped at the brand new display and was immediately struck by this quad, the Flower Beauty Petal Play Quad in Black Iris. I've owned a few Flower Beauty quads in the past and liked them a lot but I had never found one with a color story more perfect than this one. It's not everyday that you can find a more cool-toned palette at the drugstore, and even harder to find a color story as sophisticated as this. Honestly, the shades remind me of something you would find from a high-end brand like Chanel, Tom Ford or Dior. 

Flower Beauty Petal Play Eyeshadow Quads are $11 and can be purchased on FlowerBeauty.com and CVS

But my major question had to be, has Flower Beauty improved on their eyeshadow formula? Yes, I have enjoyed earlier iterations of these quads in the past, but the formula was just ok. I'd also not been a fan of the larger Shimmer & Shade Eyeshadow palettes, those having a much thinner formula that refused to play nice with my dry eyelids. So while I was super excited about the shades in this beauty, I was unsure as to how they would perform for me, especially since I hadn't seen or read any reviews.

I was pleasantly surprised with the ease and use of these eyeshadows and the overall quad. The two matte shadows blend decently, they don't patch up and they are so very nicely pigmented. They are a bit dusty and the purple requires a little extra blend, but nothing outrageous. 

The two shimmer shades are both so incredibly pretty, and the kind of shadows that don't just go well with the mattes, they are also the one-and-done type shadows I love to have plenty of. 

To really test this little quad out and give the best review of it I could, I really ran it through the gamut. I used all of the shades together, I did a few matte only looks which were great, both of the mattes are the kind of color I love to just run of the crease or crease and lid. I also used the shimmers on their own and incorporated with other shadows from my stash like my Chanel all-matte quad, which they paired beautifully with. But for sure one of my favorite days was when I used the two mattes and paired them with my Victoria Beckham Lid Luster in Mink. Mink actually really suits this color story so much because it's in a similar moody shade. 

For me this little eyeshadow quad is a big hit...I think it especially scores big points with me because Black Iris is very much my color story. The matte purple is basically the color of my soul, all mood and gloom. But it also performed up to the tasks that I gave it, so if these are shades that call to you, I think you would definitely enjoy it. If you prefer something a little sunnier. then there  are three other really pretty but not my style quads to pick from. 

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  1. I love love love your review :) !!! I've never tried anything from Flower Beauty before but now I want to give them a try. Black Iris sounds so lovely. I love how you described it and really tested it out to see how it plays with other eyeshadows <3

    Mari | www.dazedmari.com