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Giving Your Hair Healthy Shine & Vibrant Color

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The holiday season is upon us and without a doubt it's a busy one! I actually really love the holidays, love all of the family activities and extra time we get to spend with family and friends, but I have to admit that I wish there were more hours in a day just so I can have a little bit of extra time for me in there as well. 

We all need a small space of time each day to care for ourselves, especially when things are as crazy as they are during the holidays. These small moments of time are when we can take care of ourselves so that we can be ready to face another busy day. But things can get so hectic that there will be days and days when we just won't get that opportunity, and then one day we look at ourselves in the mirror and see all of the grays...

Yep, hidden behind those brown locks is a forest of white hair that caught me really off guard this time around.  I could have sworn that I colored my hair last month but when I looked at my calendar I realized that it's been over 3 months! No wonder my hair is a forest of white.

Not just that either, my hair is overall super damaged at the ends, something that happens because I tend to be really rough with it. I know, I am supposed to be kind to my hair but I constantly brush it while it's still wet, I tie it up with bands that break it when I take them off and I just generally suck at conditioning it back to life. 

That's when I head to Walmart to pick up a new box of Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color with K-BOND PLEX™, Keratin Color’s innovative anti-breakage technology. This brand of hair color has been my go-to for the past few years and I definitely love the convenience and results it gives me. Plus I love how picking up a fresh box fits into my lifestyle, I can just pick one up on my next milk run. 

Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color is a super affordable and convenient way to not just get rid of those grays, but to also get some health back into my hair. As someone who is always super busy, it's important to me that I can color my hair on my own time, which is usually the middle of the night, and that I am confident that the results will give me back my shiny, soft, dark mane of hair (100% gray coverage)

I love to rock black hair for the holiday season and winter and with that in mind I picked up a box in Onyx Black. In just a few steps and about 45 minutes, I will be able to get rid of those grays and have a new head of hair to get me through the holidays without looking like someone's granny. 

I am a grandmother, six times over, but I don't have to look like one!

Coloring Your Hair With Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color

Step 1) Pre Color Serum: Apply gloves and use pre-treating step #1 to condition the hair before coloring for a more even color result from root to tip. This allows for a richer hair coloring while preventing hair damage to ends of hair, which are usually more damage prone.

Step 2) Mix cream color with developer lotion, apply evenly to hair, strand by strand then work the mixture into the hair making sure you don't miss any spots. I use a hairband to tie the hair in a bun on top of my head so I can move around and get things done while my hair processes. Leave on hair for instructed amount of time (30 minutes) and then rinse thoroughly with water until water runs clear.

Step 3) Now we are going to give our hair an extra boost of conditioning with the K-BOND PLEX™ Conditioner. After coloring hair massage step 3 of the coloring kit into towel dry hair and leave on for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 

K-BOND PLEX™ is salon inspired anti-breakage technology and repairs the inner hair structure for strong and healthy looking hair. 

Now I will share the steps I take for my 5-minute fall makeup look, which is what I do practically every day. 

5 Minute Fall Makeup Look 

Base: I apply a medium coverage foundation that I know will last the entire day

Blush and bronzer: Especially now that my hair is darker this step is absolutely necessary so I won't look like a corpse. I apply contour to hollows of cheeks, forehead, under the jawline and sometimes I will contour my nose just a tad. I then apply blush generously starting at the apples of my cheeks. I love this combination of bronzer/blush which gives me a flushed look without being overly pink.

Eyes: The holiday season is a busy one and nobody has time to spend hours doing their eye makeup. Instead, I opt for a one-eyeshadow look and for that I prefer one of my cream shadows. Today I am using a green shimmer shade that I can apply with my finger. I finish off the eyes with a few coats of mascara and some black liner.

Lips: Lastly I apply a matte lipstick that will again take me throughout my entire day and I am done and out the door. 

Not that I looked horrible to begin with but I definitely needed a little refresher, especially as we go into the true holiday season and will have some many Christmas events to attend. And all it took was a box of Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color, a quick five minute face, and I feel a whole lot better. 

The K-BOND PLEX™ in the formula really repairs the hair structure so my hair looks so much healthier, with vibrant, even color. 

Find your new Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color at Walmart and say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair like I did. 

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