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July & August Beauty Favorites

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I started writing this post on the last day of August. I was so proud of myself for being ahead of the month - for the first time ever. But it's a long post and next thing you know, life happened. Now it's almost October but I still want to share these favorites as they were truly stand out products for me.

Will I ever share another monthly beauty favorites without including the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter? Probably not. The truth is that I wore this product every single time I wore makeup during July and August. 

And just when I think I have figured out all the ways to use this product, I find another. This month I've starting adding two tiny dots under my eyes over concealer and discovered it makes my under eye area look super hydrated and lit from within. 

I really dipped into my foundations the past two months and I rediscovered some serious favorites - including the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation. Even though this foundation is of a more medium finish, I actually find that it can be sheered out quite nicely. When I first bought it I always used 2 1/2 pumps but I started using only one pump and that works really well too, especially when paired with the primer below. 

I'm usually not a fan of primers, in fact I can only count three primers before this one that I've actually liked. But one day I was cleaning up my makeup area and ran into this sample of the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer that I got from who knows where. But I remembered that one of my current favorite YT creators had mentioned it being her favorite and decided to give it a whirl. Wow!

This primer reminds me of the Milk Makeup Blur Stick in the way it actually blurs the skin and mattifies it. I don't necessarily need the matte aspect but I am really loving how this blurs my pores, my really fine lines (nothing is going to help the deep ones) and how it creates this super smooth canvas for my foundation. I'm already pretty sure that I need a full-size of this primer and if you have have oily skin I definitely suggest giving it a shot. 

I thought this powder back in June after having it on my wish list for years. I have dry skin and many of my favorite influencers who also have dry skin have always recommended it. Unfortunately, from the very first time I used it I absolutely hated it. It made my foundation look super cakey and it sunk into every wrinkle, making it look ten times deeper. I tried it so many times to terrible results and only kept at it out of sheer desperation for not waning to throw it out. None of my girls or friends have dry skin so this is not a product I would be able to pass on.

But I am so glad I did not give up because I have finally figured out how MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural works best for me - never over foundation just over concealer. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish has become part of my no-makeup makeup days - these are the days I use concealer to spot correct and cover redness and a light dusting of this powder over it. 

Glossier Stretch Concealer
I like this concealer for the under eye area a lot BUT it is so hydrating that when I use it there I def have to set it, or I can't wear mascara and liner on the lower lash line because they will smudge. That's why I usually save this concealer for those days that I am going really light on my eye makeup.

More recently though, the Glossier Stretch Concealer has actually worked for me really well as a spot concealer/base product. A little bit of this concealer on my red spots, hyper-pigmentation and under eye area - set with MAC Skinmineralize Natural and I have a perfect no-makeup base. I do my eyebrows, add a coat of mascara, a lip gloss and I am ready to go. 

I'd seen a few of my favorite You Tuber's use the Stretch Concealer in exactly this way but I never thought I could pull it off. But actually my skin really seems to relish those days that I don't wear a foundation. Who knew?

I've only started using this product during the month of August but I knew from my first glance that I was going to love it. I love the concept of a three-in-one product that is big enough so you can use each product on it's own or  in tandem, and the Neo-Bronzer formula is beautiful. Plus I really love the three shades that make up Capri, especially the bronzer which is neither too warm or too cool- it's the perfect shade that never looks orange, something I constantly struggle with. 

I have been using a smaller Wet n Wild brush to apply this product. First I apply the bronzer shade to all the areas I normally contour, including the forehead and jawline, using more of a draping technique around the cheekbones and forehead area. I will go back and add a cooler contour if I feel like I need it but most days I just add this bronzer to give my entire face some color. I then take the same brush and pop some of the blusher to the apples of my cheeks. The entire effect is very put together and it looks like I used more than one palette. 

I know that Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzers are an investment, but this product is definitely worth all of the hype. The formula of the Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzer in Capri blends seamlessly and the shades in this particular palette are perfect for my medium skin tone. I feel incredibly spoiled every time I use this palette and can't wait to try another shade. 

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette
Just like my foundations I really have been making an effort to play with as much of my eyeshadow collection as I can. There is definitely one pallet that stood out to me and  that is the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette in the original version. I've owned this palettet for a while and I have always been a fan but I don't think I ever really used it enough to know how magical it really is. But in July, especially, I gave Comfort Zone a run for it's money and I fell madly in love with it.

For me Comfort Zone is an all-inclusive palette, meaning I don't have to reach for other palettes or singles. I am actually quite a fan of an all shimery eye and Comfort Zone delivers the most beautiful, sexy, sultry eyes ever. The third shade in the second column - the dark one - has become on all of my all-time favorites. I could literally use this every single day. 

Eyeliners aren't the most exciting of make up items but for somebody like me who can't live without eyeliner they are actually pretty important. The Urban Decay liner in Zero has been my go-to ever since Urban Decay send it to me a few months ago. As I've mentioned many times before, these eyeliners rarely stay on my waterline, but I love smudging them on the lower lash line and I love putting them on my top lash line because even if I am wearing tons of eyeshadow, they still stick and won't give me a jagged line the way liquid liners tend to do. Plus these Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils are super creamy, so you can smudge them really easily and wear time on my lids is exceptional.  

This is one of my very favorite drugstore mascaras and I enjoyed finishing it all up in the last weeks. This mascara gives a beautiful fanned out effect to my lashes and it does a pretty fair job of giving volume and length. I really like this mascara a lot! I had an extra back-up that I just gave one of my girls so I will be without it in my collection until I find a coupon or a good deal on it again. Not that it's expensive, but I only buy drugstore mascaras with coupons or on if I find them on sale. 

Until I can have it back in my collection, I will definitely miss seeing this super-sleek, matte black tube in my mascara area. 

Avon True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss in Luster
Avon recently sent me their new range of Avon True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss and there is one that I plucked out of the box on the very first day they arrived, that immediately became a favorite. This Lip Glow is in the shade Luster and while it doesn't particularly have tons of pigment, it has the most amazing formula. I am a huge fan of lip oils and even before reading it's description, I could feel the lip oils in the formula. 

Made with chia seed and rose hip oils, this gloss feels like a hybrid of a gloss and lip oil and is incredibly satiny on the lips. I have been enjoying it as a topper anytime that I want a little more of a hydrating lip product and I have been really loving it on it's own. Because it doesn't have a lot of pigment - it just coats my lips with it's super hydrating and smooth formula and doesn't look like I am wearing much of anything. Other glosses in this range definitely provide more pigment, but I love that this one just enhances my natural lip color. 

If you like Avon products, I highly suggest giving Lip Glows a shot, especially in this superb everyday shade. Find Avon True Color Lip Glows online or buy from your local Avon Rep! 

And that was it for 2 months worth of favorites! Next month I am going to try to cut it down to only five products because I know these posts get very long winded. But I really wanted to feature each outstanding product as they are all superstars in my eyes and def go-to's these past months. 

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