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Bad Habit Fantasia | Swatches & My First Impressions

I've had mixed results with Bad Habit palettes in the past year - on one hand you have the ABH Master Palette by Mario Dupe - reviewed here. I love this palette and could not get enough of the color scheme! Then you have the After Collection (Huda Beauty Obsessions dupes) which was mostly a bust for me, I actually only ended up liking one of the four palettes.

But even with that I still get excited when I see they have a new palette, especially the new Natasha Denona and Pat McGrath dupes that have launched recently. I guess I keep hoping for the best - I keep hoping that we really can have a more affordable, good quality dupe of some of the really pricey palettes, and that light of hope is what keeps me trying more of their launches.

In that vein, I was very excited in June when Bad Habit teased their Fantasia Palette, an obvious dupe of the Natasha Denona Tropic Palette. I was never excited enough about the Tropic palette to buy it. While the bottom row gives me all of the feels, the other rows feel a little confusing. There was so much repetitiveness and a few pastels that I didn't think would work for my skin coloring. Still - that bottom row really calls out to me and whenever I catch glimpses of it on social media my heart still goes pitter patter.

Enter the Bad Habit Fantasia Palette, at a fraction of the cost ($16 vs $129), but with the very same color scheme. Honestly, this is a beautiful palette and every time I open the cover, my heart does a happy little dance.

I love a good earthy shadow, so I really do like a lot of the shades in here: Nimbus, Bliss, Above It All, Floating and Delirious. For me the confusion comes with how similar Stratus and Horizon are to Floating, it's exactly the same issue I had with the Tropic Palette. I actually like the tone a lot, it's like a pumpkin squash shade, but we didn't need three versions of it. And while Above It All and Cirrus are not exactly the same, they are from the same tonal family, and will probably look the same on the eyes on most of us.  

This is the reason I could not dish out $129 for the ND Tropic Palette. For that amount of money I need variety. Even if a palette is based of one shade, let's say the Lila Palette, the shadows need to have enough range to them. I just can't pay $129 for so much of the same. 

But I can definitely pay $16 - I actually only paid $6.88 after using Hush Points and a coupon. Cha-ching! These days I never pay full price for a Shop Hush palette - even if I have to wait over a month to gather enough points. If you'd like a post explaining Shop Hush Points let me know!

Bad Habit Fantasia Palette Swatches | Row 1

As I started swatching Fanstasia, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the two similar shades in the top row, did in fact look different on my skin - perhaps not incredibly different, but enough that they might not blend into one on my eyes. And after swatching this top row I fell in love with every one of these shades, because they took me to my favorite season.

Doesn't this row remind you of visiting a  pumpkin patch right smack in the middle of fall?  Probably not what Natasha intended as this is a Tropic themed palette, but this row makes me ache for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Bring on the PSL's!

Bad Habit Fanstasia Palette | Row 2

This second row is a little vanilla to me. While I like the three mattes both of the shimmers are two shades in the palette I will probably never use. I don't love orangey toned shadows and very rarely wear gold, though I do have to mention that Weightless has a stunning formula. Horizon and Cirrus are actually quite pretty, both have such a smooth formula and I am really starting to dig these shades that I was so sure were not for me. I was a little disappointed at how dusty Delirious is because it's going to have a ton of fall-out, but I like the actual color a lot. 

Bad Habit Fanstasia Palette | Row 3

Welcome to the third row, this is the row where colorful dreams are made. While I will probably only ever use the blue and green, I also really like the second blue and the purple - those remind me of the Pastel Goth from Kat Von D, and again seem quite unusual for a tropic themed palette. But I'll take them because they are fun and different from the tediousness of neutrals. That Ecstatic shade is really pretty too, even though it's quite chunky.

As you can see the shades in Fantasia swatch really well overall. But my experience  applying it to my eyes has been very similar to that of the After Collection, not my favorite for sure.

Perhaps it's that I have quite a bit of experience with much more expensive eyeshadows. Maybe I've gotten to know too many high-end eyeshadows or maybe it's just that I am very particular about my eyeshadow tastes, because I find this palette almost too much work.

Every single matte eyeshadow in this palette is incredibly soft so the minute your brush comes in contact there's a ton of kick up, which then translate into fall-out. On the eyes they actually do blend very nicely, they have very good pigmentation and staying power, it's just the application that is so much work for me.

 The same could be said for the metallics, I've even had fall-out while applying them with my fingers. Plus I found that the metallics tend to blend away when your brush touches them. 

 I found that the best way to apply these is to wet my brush, something that I never do. That helps them foil down and actually stick to the skin better so that there's less fall-out and they won't blend away as easily.  I also try to stay away from the shadow once I have placed it, which means not doing extra blending which never helps unless you're doing a very editorial or edgy look.  I'm definitely not the queen of blending but I do like to go back a few times to blend.

The bottom line is that this palette is definitely harder to work with. I think if you're more patient and don't really care about a ton of kick up and fall-out, or having to wet your brush, you can definitely make this palette work for you.  I'm just not sure whether I'm up to the task. This is where a lot of times I'm willing to pay the difference for a much better quality product, that will be easier to use and not make me feel like such a moron. 

 I own a few Natasha palettes including the sunset palette and let me tell you that using her eye shadows is a dream. Her matte eye shadows practically blend themselves and the shimmers are incredible. The experience between her palettes and this one are completely opposite. But so is the price difference lol. Sigh. I'm disappointed that's for sure, but I've not given up completely. I'm going to keep working with this palette and hopefully we can grow on each other.

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