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Julie G Nail Color in Santorini

It's been a long time since I have done a nail polish post but today I had some miraculous good lighting and decided to snap some quick photos of the current polish I am wearing. This is the Julie G Nail Color in Santorini, originally part of the Cruise Collection from a few summers ago (2014 to be exact). But I have seen this shade on sale at Rite Aid, so if you like it you can definitely purchase it. 

I only own two Julie G polishes and that's just because I've never taken time to really delve into the brand, not anything to do with me not liking it. In fact I love how affordable these polishes are at only $3.99 a bottle and the formula (of this one) is really good. Plus I know that Julie G constantly has really fun limited edition collections as well as a really great base collection, so they are definitely a brand you might want to get to know more of if you are looking for affordable nail colors.

Worth noting I think is the fact that my bottle of Santorini is almost 4 years old, yet it's still in perfect shape. I've had to throw out so many bottles of polish because they get thick and goopy, some in as little as 9 months, and I am shocked that this bottle is as old as it is because it's still as great as the first day I purchased it. I live in a region of SoCal that boasts of extreme temps so I am definitely impressed with how this bottle has held up. 

Julie G Nail Color in Santorini is described as a cornflower blue. Blue is one of my favorite nails colors, in all its incarnations and this tone of blue is one I have many similar repeats of in my collection. 

I don't know about you, but I think Santorini is such a fun shade, it literally makes me happy just to see my nails painted in this shade. And now that I realize that this bottle is 4 years old, and in amazing shape, you bet I am going to visit Rite Aid to pick up a few more shades! 

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