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Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils | Heartless, Demolition, Roach, Alkaline, Zero

Urban Decay was kind enough to send me some products recently and today I am very excited to bring you my first review from the items they have sent along. I am no stranger to Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, I actually own quite a few but they are all smaller versions or duo-ended versions that I have purchased in sets during promotions or holidays. I've never owned a full-sized version, so - to receive five of them at once, was pretty exciting stuff. 

These are the five shades that I received: Heartless, Demolition, Roach, Alkaline and Zero.

Throughout the years I have talked about the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and I have always stayed true to the fact that they don't stay on my waterline. I am an allergy sufferer, which means eyeliner usually doesn't stay on my waterline, and in fact I usually have a small tear drop at the corner of my bottom lashes every night. I like to call this my "prison teardrop". 

In time I have learned to focus more of the actual liner on the edges of my lower lash line and to really smudge it out, which helps to keep more of the actual liner on my eyes. A very smudgy lower lash line is my thing anyways and I love how creamy these liners are so that I don't ever have to tug on my eyes. 

On the top lash line it's a completely different story: these liners will actually stay on there until it's time to take them off, and then it can be challenging to remove since I do have really dry lids. Man, I have the best of all worlds: dry lids and watery eyes...joy.

I've had a few weeks with these pencils so I have had time to try 4 of them out and I am really happy to have them as part of my collection. I think the most exciting shades I had ever had in an Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is one that is purple and a navy blue, I actually use the purple one quite often. But when I saw Alkaline (a darkened plum/red) and Roach (a shimmery copper) I was very excited. These are exciting shades for me, as they go with the type of eye looks that I create all the time. 

Then there is Demolition which I call an espresso brown, it's an incredibly rich brown that has taken me by surprise. I don't usually get along with brown liners because they just don't pop on my eyes, they are usually too light and don't have enough impact, so I tend to skip on them. But Demolition is so rich and pigmented that it makes a great everyday lower lashline liner for me, I've actually used it this entire week. If you've ever wanted to rock a brown liner but have never found one that has enough impact - give Demolition a go, I think you will love it.

Here is a look at all the shades in regular outdoor light and direct sunlight. 

Overall I have been really happy with all of these pencils, minus Heartless which I have yet to try. That's actually a really beautiful shade, just harder for me to wear since I tend to go for smokier looks, but it's really pretty and has a ton of dimension. 

I'd say that if you're in the need for a new eyeliner, whether it be a matte black like Zero or a more fun shade like Roach, these are certainly worth checking out. I personally recommend going the fun route and checking out: Demolition, Alkaline and Roach, which are now some of my favorite liners. 

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