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PIXI Glow-y Gossamer Duos | Subtle Sunrise & Delicate Dew

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I've been into a highlighter kick as of late, so - when I saw the Pixi Beauty Gossamer Duos on the Target website I could not believe my eyes, they looked amazing. It took me a few weeks from the first time I saw them to actually get them because I'd been hoping to spot them in person, I am an instant gratification type of chick and I really wanted to see them in person!  I ended up driving out to a few Targets not in my area but never actually found them. Boo!

I finally placed an online order for the first shade, Subtle Sunrise, and within days of receiving that I had ordered the second shade. (my daughter actually paid for this one which was an extra treat)

The Pixi Beauty Gossamer Duos retail for $16 at Target and $18 on the Pixi website, and are available in two shades: Sublte Sunnrise and Delicate Dew. They are described as a luminious miracle powder that brightens, lightens and adds a luminous glow, while looking natural on the skin. 

The formula of these powders is very different from any other highlighters that I own, they impart the most incredible wet and glossy look on the skin, on first pass. Even though I tend to be more of a lit-from-within type of gal, these became my go-to's for a few weeks. I only stopped using them because I am now trying the new NARS highlights, but the PIXI Glow-y Gossamer Duos are absolute favorites in my collection and I am looking forward to getting back to them. 

If you like a softer highlight, don't be scared of the really bold swatches, you can actually achieve a softer, more everyday type of glow by really blending them out and using less product. Or you can build them up to achieve an even bolder and blinding highlight, which I know a lot of people really love. 

But what's really amazing about this formula is that there is ZERO powder. For me, most highlights never work because I have dry skin and I hate seeing powder laying on top of my skin. But these powders melt right into the skin, leaving no trace or powder and no discernible stripe of highlight. 

Another amazing aspect of the Pixi Gossamer Duos is that they don't accentuate texture. That is actually one of my biggest pet peeves, for myself and when I see others who have so much texture that is literally being "highlighted" by their highlight. This formula does not accentuate all the little bumps I have on my cheekbone area or anywhere I choose to lay it down. In that perspective, I think PIXI is absolutely 100% correct when they call this a "miracle" powder.

As you can see, both shades of the Pixi Gossamer Duos are beautiful. In Subtle Sunrise you get a light golden shade, which doesn't come off at all yellow on the skin, and a bronzier shade. This one is a tad deep for my skin tone but I mix it with the lighter shade to create my perfect shade 

Of the 2 shade selections,  Subtle Sunrise is the shade that I would recommend for deeper skin tones. 

In Delicate Dew you get a very light pink shade and a more champagne shade. While the first shade looks almost white in the swatches, it actually looks really pretty on my medium skin tone.  I don't think anyone with a darker skin tone than my can comfortably wear the lighter shade in this duo, but if you have lighter skin, then this is the one for you. 

It's now been over a month since I first got these Pixi Gossamer Duos and after wearing both extensively, I think you definitely need at least one of these duos in your life. I own quite a few highlighters, both from the drugstore and high-end brands, and the Pixi Gossamer Duos are pretty singular in quality.

I  can't wait to see if Pixi Beauty will expand this range. With as amazing as this formula is, I would love to see them create more duos, especially more shades for darker complexions.

Purchase the PIXI Glow-y Gossamer Duos at Target.

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  1. How do these compare to the NARS new highlighter formula? xx