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Dupe That | ABH Modern Renaissance

The ABH Modern Renaissance is one of my favorite palettes. I still remember the first time I saw the sneak peek and then how the minute it launched I ordered one for myself and a friend. It's been a great love affair with this palette. Not that the MR is perfect. It is a very dusty palette that has a lot of powder kick-up and can have quite a bit of fall out. But I am such a fan of ABH palettes and when this palette came out it was such a breath of fresh air. Since then there have been many knock off's, many similar palettes with the same warm  and red tones. But in my opinion none have ever topped it, no matter how similar.

When I saw Wet n Wild's new Color Icon called Rosé in the Air, I wondered if the drugstore had managed to dupe one of my favorites. 

FYI: The Modern Renaissance palette is $42 and the Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air Color Icon Palette is $4.99. 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance next to the Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air Color Icon Palette.

I have to say that I was even more impressed after swatching these two palettes next to each other than by just looking at them. With the exception of two shades which are a bit lighter, the others are practically the same. When I was doing the swatches I literally had to go back and make sure that I had not mixed the palettes up. 

Are the Modern Renaissance and the Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air Color Icon Palette dupes?

I am a big fan of Wet n Wild, it's my favorite drugstore brand so I want to be fair to it. First and foremost, when making this comparison you have to take the price into account. The Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air Color Icon Palette is $4.99 and the MR is $42. 

As long as you're not expecting $42 quality from a $5 palette then I would say they are dupes. 

Rosé in the Air is a really good palette for the price. As you can see they nailed the beautiful shade range, but on the eyes you will find yourself building some of the shades. There are actually a few shades in the palette that are quite pigmented, but for the most part you can expect to build. 

You will also have to spend a little of extra time blending and overall creating your eye look. For me working with the MR has always been easy. It's so pigmented and makes easy work of any eyeshadow look. But as with most drugstore eyeshadows, the Rosé in the Air palette just requires a little more elbow grease.

Modern Renaissance contains 14 shadows versus Rosé in the Air which has ten. But for the price difference and color scheme, I say it's a go. If you don't own the Modern Renaissance then Rosé in the Air is a great option, and so affordable! 

As someone who owns both palettes I will say that I would not reach for Rosé in the Air over Modern Renaissance. MR is just so much easier to work with and makes me feel like I suck less at eyeshadow application. But I will be reaching for Rosé in the Air at other times for sure, just not over MR.

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