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Worth the Splurge? | Sephora Pro Warm Palette

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Sephora surprised the beauty community a few months ago when they started teasing their three brand new Pro Palettes. These three palettes hit social media and immediately it became a furor, everyone and their mama wanted to get their hands on these palettes, especially the warm palette.

FYI In case you've never seen these palettes, they are the:
Sephora Pro Editiorial Palette (review coming soon)
Sephora Pro Cool Palette (review coming soon)

What makes the Sephora Pro palettes so amazing and lust-worthy? These palettes were put together by the Sephora PRO team. The Sephora PRO team is comprised of 15 bad-ass makeup artists who came together to give us three palettes that can take us from everyday makeup to any special occasion. I do follow their account on Instagram and have to say that they are definite masters of their craft. 

Not being one to miss out on the latest and hottest products, I decided to pick the warm palette up for my birthday. I'd tried very few Sephora brand eyeshadow's before and I have to admit my experience was not good, but the reviews on these three pallets or amazing from the very beginning.

The presentation of the Sephora pro palette is absolutely gorgeous. They come in a very large, extremely weighty black matte case that feels and looks very luxurious.  Each palette has different colored lettering on the outside, the warm palette is in gold. This palette is absolutely stunning on inside, seriously every time I opened it up, it took my breath away. In this pallet you have a collection of some of the most beautiful warm-tones shadows.

My favorite side of the palette is the second side, which is filled with the darker, more earthy shades. There's a few shades on this side that remind me of mattes in the Huda Rose Gold Palette, which is a favorite palette of mine. 

Before we get into the review of the pallet let's talk about that $68 price tag. While $68 sounds like a heck of a lot of money, when you break it down each eyeshadow only comes out to $2.48 apiece, which is a bargain. In terms of cost, the Sephora Pro Palettes  are actually quite a value.

So I knew that the value was there, the question for me was:  does my collection need another warm-toned palette, especially one that is $68?

For me this is where the problem laid with the Sephora Pro Warm Palette,  and I did end up returning it.  Not because it's not an amazing pallet, which I do think it is. The problem is that my collection is already filled to the brim with warm eyeshadows and the times that I used it I came up with eye looks either very similar or exactly like others that I have done with pieces already in my collection. In fact the very first time that I used this eyeshadow palette I expected to be so wowed by it, but when I finished I was disappointed to see that I had created that very same I look so many other times with other palettes I already owned.

This of course is no fault of the palette, and that's why I still recommend it 100% to anybody whose collection isn't already overwhelmed by warm eyeshadows. Or maybe you use warm eyeshadow every single day and can actually give it constant use, or maybe you're a collector.

But if your collection is already filled with warm eyeshadow palettes, I don't think this one is a must have, even if the quality is excellent.

It was actually very hard for me to return this pallet to Sephora, if it hadn't been for the high price tag I would have just kept it. In fact I have it on my list for the end of the year when I get my $25 off coupon, if it is still available then and I have nothing else to purchase, I would love to get it again. With a discount, I would be able to allow this palette into my already warm-filled collection, but not at full cost.


The second row that contains the shimmer shades is my favorite, these swatches do the gorgeous shimmers no justice. But the mattes are actually my favorite of all, there are so many earthy, beautiful shades and they are all so pigmented! (photo below)

These are my favorite shades in the palette, all matte and all incredible!

The formula of these eyeshadows is very soft and very creamy and incredibly easy to work with. The only con is that they are a little dusty and you do end up with some fall out but nothing as exaggerated as I had heard about them before buying. Tap off your brush and don't pick up a lot of product on each dip into the pans and you are good-to-go.

Overall I do think the Sephora Pro Warm Palette is definitely worth purchasing, especially if your collection is missing really beautiful warm, matte eyeshadows. If you buy this palette, you won't need another warm eyeshadow palette, and that in itself makes it an even better value than it already is. 

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