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Pixi Beauty Summer Makeup Essentials

*Products in this post were received as PR. I am also using affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own and if you do happen to shop using my links, I earn a small commission. Thanks in advance if you shop through my links!

One of my favorite moments of the month is when my little green Pixi Beauty PR box arrives at my mailbox. I have been a fan of Pixi for quite some time but before being part of their Pixi by Petra Ambassador Program I only knew of a few products because my local Target does not carry Pixi. Since being a part of the program (for which I am thankful each and every month), I have discovered so many more Pix Beauty products and it tickles me to death to be able to share this fabulous brand with you. 

My favorite thing about Pixi Beauty has to be how affordable the brand is, even though they are at the high end of drugstore pricing. At the end of the day - I love getting a good deal for my money and Pixi Beauty is one of those brands that gives you excellent quality for a lot less. And I love that when I am sharing their products with you, they are accessible enough for you to be able to go out and buy them. 

Those are my feelings about the Pixi Beauty brand overall.  And because they are becoming one of my favorite brands, I am going to make a better effort to share the goodies the send me on here. Let's chat about the Summer Makeup Essentials that I received from Pixi Beauty in July. 

The first product that I got arrived at the perfect time because even though I work at home, Munkey (my daughter) who has oily skin works out in the sun 3-4 days a week and she has been asking me about a lightweight powder that will keep her matte. Usually, she goes full-coverage but working in the summer heat she has now begun to use a lightweight foundation and needed light powder for setting it and for touch-ups during the day.

Enter the Pixi Beauty Quick Fix Powder, a lux, no color powder with a soft-focus finish. The most intriguing part of this product for me is the presentation which really does make it perfect for on-the-go. It comes in a small container that includes a handy mirror and puff for application. 

This powder claims a velvet-matte, perfected look and Munkey tells me that is exactly what it delivers. Not only is it the perfect powder for carrying in her bag for quick touch up's, she says she loves the way this powder gives even her deep-set laugh lines a more soft-focus finish or blurring effect. She is really enjoying the Pixi Beauty Quick Fix Powder and I believe it's going to be a staple in her bag moving forward. 

Because I have drier skin, the very creamy Pixi MultiBalm is the perfect blush for me. I received the shade Baby Petal which is a soft rosy nude, perfect for a pretty flush of color on the cheeks. This balm is a multi-tasker that can work on lips as well but I prefer it as a blush. What I like most about the Pixi Multi Balm is that I can apply it over foundation or I can wear it on my makeup-free days. It just gives my skin that much needed flush on those days that there is only time for mascara, blush and gloss.

 Pixi MultiBalm in Baby Petal is going to become a go-to because it's just easy. And, look how pretty this shade is! If you're a no-fuss makeup lover, I recommend taking a peek at the multibalms for sure.

The Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist with Rosewater & Green tea is an extra drink of hydration for my skin and takes down the heaviness of my makeup. This mist has a light rose scent that's very pleasing, plus I love knowing that my makeup setting spray contains so many good ingredients for my skin. 

The Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist helps set makeup for all-day wear and it's also great for refreshing makeup once you've had it on for a while. It's great for my dry skin but I think it will work for all skin types, including oily skin because while it provides hydration, it doesn't add a glowy finish like the Pixi Glow Mist (included in this photo). 

Surprisingly, my favorite of the four products that I received from Pixi in July is a lip balm. But if you suffer from dry and chapped lips then you know the struggle of finding a lip exfoliator that's no-fuss. The Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish has become my go-to because it's not just a lip exfoliator, it's also a really great lip balm that's super convenient and easy to use. 

The Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish comes in a super convenient squeeze tube and has the best little exfoliating nubs on the applicator that are gentle but quite effective. No more having to dip your finger into a pot of scrub or having to take extra steps to exfoliate your lips, I can treat my lips in one step anytime of the day. It has a light scent that I really enjoy too, it smells like mandarin rinds and the formula of the balm is so soothing. I keep this at my desk as I work throughout the day because I love applying it and apply it at night when my lips are feeling extra dry and chapped. If you've been on the hunt for a good lip exfoliator and balm, I highly suggest giving this one a shot. 

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