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Current Favorite: Jean-Michel Basquiat X Urban Decay GALLERY BLUSH PALETTE

I had meant to do full reviews of the items I purchased from the Jean-Michel Basquiat X Urban Decay collection while they were still available, unfortunately time passed and now you can only find these items inside certain stores as well as on EBAY and other makeup re-selling apps or sites. 

Still, two of the items from this collection have become essentials for me so I thought I would go ahead and share them. The first item that has become a favorite and go-to for me is the Jean-Michel Basquiat X Urban Decay Gallery Blush Palette. This palette features 4 face products including: a highlighter, two blushes and a bronzer/blush. 

I remember the first time I saw this on Instagram, I immediately zoned in on the Jawbone and Noho shades. Those two shades, are so up my alley. But X-Rated was a total no-go for me, as it looked like a total Barbie pink and something I would never wear. So it wasn't in my plans to buy this palette at all, until the day I saw it in person and swatched Jawbone and Noho. Both shades were so pigmented and so perfect that I went home wishing I could buy it. The next day the palette went on sale for 30% off at Sephora and at that price I thought it worth buying even if I only ever used two of the shades. 

Surprisingly, when the palette arrived it ended up being the highlighter that knocked my socks off. Just take a look for yourself at how amazing every shade in this palette swatches, but definitely take a second look at the highlight, as it is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen.

Is this highlighter not one of the most glorious you have ever seen? If you follow me anywhere online you will know that I am not a highlighter person,  I find it very hard to find highlighters that will work with my skin tone. NOW'S THE TIME is the perfect shade of champagne, it's not overly yellow or gold the way that so many highlighters are these days. 

It's funny because that first day that I saw this palette in-store, I never even swatched the highlighter, that's how much of a non-highlighter person I am, and now it's my favorite product in this palette. Who knew?

It's not just the highlighter either,  I also really love the red undertone of JAWBONE. I have been looking for a bronzer with a red undertone for a while because most bronzers tend to look very orange on me and JAWBONE is just perfection. It's also very pigmented so you only need a little bit of product.

And yes, I'm still in love with NOHO, which is such a beautiful berry toned blush. And though I never thought I would use X RATED, I've actually enjoyed blending it with a little bit of JAWBONE for the perfect bronzy pink. 

Overall this little pallet has turned into an absolute go-to for me. I love it so much that when it went down to only $17.23 at Sephora, I grabbed myself a back-up. There is so much product in each of these pans that I doubt I will ever finish the first palette, but it's better to be safe than sorry! 

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