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Coastal Scents | .99 Hot Pot Sale Haul Review & Swatches

Last week Coastal Scents had their famous .99 Hot Pot sale and I hurriedly placed an order Sunday morning before going on vacation. This is the second time that I take advantage of the .99 sale, you can see my first haul here. I only had about 10 minutes when I placed this order so I didn't do a lot of research on these shades and besides knowing that I wanted to pick up Caramel and Barista, I just threw a bunch of pretty looking shades in my cart and paid for my order. I did pay a $3.22 shipping fee which I think is so minimal I did not mind it at all. 

I ordered 8 shadows and at the last moment threw in 6 of the Blush Pots which were on sale for $1.98. I knew nothing about the blush pots but when I saw them on the sale page, the shades just looked so pretty. I figured that even if they weren't amazing, for $1.98 each it would be worth risking it to buy the ones that really appealed to me. 

Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Caramel
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Coconut Husk
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Oatmeal Tan
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in New Terrain
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Paprika
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Burnt Umber
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Barista
Coastal Scents Hot Pot in in Redwood

In total I paid $23.02 (including shipping) for this Coastal Scents haul, which is pretty amazing these days. In this post I will be reviewing the Hot Pots and will post a review on the Blush Pots once I have played with them more.

I've gotten the chance to wear these shadows a few times now and can give you a review on them along with the swatches. 

Overall and without even mentioning that these are $1.98 shadows, I think they are very good. I have swatched and tried shadows (mostly drugstore) that are more expensive that didn't perform as good as these. But when you take the price into consideration, these shadows become great.

Coastal Scents is really known more for the Shimmer Hot Pots, a lot of those really are amazing, but these matte shades (caramel is described as a shimmer but it's more of a stain matte) are all really good in my opinion. The only one that felt powdery or chalky to me is Caramel, and from the 8 only Caramel and Redwood could use a little more pigment and even those built up nicely. 

Quite a few of the shades have a very soft and creamy texture and overall pigmentation is really good. Of course let's not confuse this pigmentation with that of let's say a Makeup Forever matte shadow, those are insane but also very pricey. These shadows are all softer shades and onlyt Burn Umber is really deep. 

With my hooded eyes and droopy lids, I found that the shades I've used in my crease area do begin to fade at about 4-5 hours and are completely gone by 8 hours but the shades I have worn on my lid have stayed put for 12 hours with very minimal fading. As someone with dry and more wrinkled lids I also don't think any of these are super dry, and anyone who has followed me any length of time knows this is a major problem for me when it comes to matte eyeshadows. Really these mattes are more of a satin matte to me and friendly to my wrinkled, dry eyelids. 

Even though I didn't have a list at-the-ready, I love the shades I selected in this Coastal Scents Hot Pot order. I will have an ongoing list going for the next time the sale comes around for sure, and top of that list is Bronzed Peach which was sold out when I placed my order. I am very happy with my order and look forward to the next sale!

Did you pick up any Hot Pots during this last sale?

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