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Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette Swatches

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Today I am very excited to bring you swatches of the new Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette. This is only my second ever Jeffree Star product, I own one of his liquid lipsticks in the shade Red Rum, which I bought because I am a Stephen King fan. So this is Jeffree's second palette and even though his first one intrigued me, there were a few shades in there that I knew I would never use. I'm so glad I waited because when I saw the Androgyny Palette, I was floored! I knew this palette had to be mine.
The shades in this palette are just stunning and I was so excited from the first moment I laid eyes on them. I could hardly wait for the day of the launch and kept stalking the sale page two days prior, just in case they put it out early. So on Saturday I placed my first order from Beautylish and I was super impressed. The site was not glitchy, I was able to get in and out super quickly, very different from other sites who have big launches. I received my shipping confirmation in about an hour and a half and my order arrived two days later. And then, what a treat it was to open this box up! This is not a review for Beautylish but I have found a new online retailer, for sure. 
My first thoughts upon seeing the Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette, DANG THAT'S BIG! Even with all of the reviews and photos that I have seen of the Beauty Killer Palette, I never realized they were so big. It comes in a beautiful maroon box and has a hot pink case, which while not my favorite shade in the world, is totally Jeffree Star. It's totally going to stand out in my collection, that's for sure.
The Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette comes with a beautiful full-sized mirror and while the packaging is cardboard, it feels sturdy and solid. FYI: the palette is $45. 
Now on to the best part, the eyeshadows! This is not a review post as I still haven't worn the palette, this is a swatch post to help you decide if you want to order it. Once I try the palette out a few times, I will be back to update the post. For now, I invite you to check out the swatches, with a few thoughts of how they felt and the pigmentation.

Frosting: this was my least favorite shade, because I don't like gold. But the formula of this shadow is fantastic. It's buttery, pigmented and has a beautiful finish. I've heard a few people say this can be used as a highlighter too.
Safe Word: for me this is the shadow that has the least pigmentation. It's also similar to my skin tone but even then, it's not as pigmented as the others though it's a nice shade.
Charm: charm is charming! I love this shade and I found it to be nicely pigmented.
Deja Vu: this is one of the most amazing shades in the palette. The formula is again, buttery soft and the pigmentation is spot on. Plus it's a gorgeous shade!
Dominatrix: the formula of this shadow felt a little dry and the pigmentation was a little less strong. It was more pigmented than Safe Word but not as much as others.
Androgyny: stunning! This shade is just stunning and has made me crave the lipstick version of it.
Fetish: one of my favorites for sure. This has amazing pigmentation and the shade is gorgeous!
Military: one of the stars of this palette, if not THE star. It's such an interesting shade and pigmentation is great.
Poison: this was okay for me, even though I had seen some swatches where it didn't look to be very pigmented. I like this more than Swallow which I had expected would be a favorite.
Swallow: this is the second shade in the palette which suffers from lack of pigmentation, and it swatched a bit patchy. But it does build up nicely.

Androgyny, Fetish and Military have to be my favorites!
 Do you see how huge these pans are? For the amount of product alone, I do think it's worth the price.
Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette
I'm in love with the Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette, and I haven't even used it. But I am pretty sure that it's going to apply great and I will be updating my post once I have used it. For now, I am super stoked to own this beauty and can't wait to try it. I hope my swatches and initial thoughts help you decide if you want to pick it up.

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