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HAUL | New Wet n Wild Queen of My Heart Spring 2017 Collection

I started looking for the NEW Wet n Wild Queen of My Heart Spring 2017 Collection  just two days ago and I am super happy to report that it only took me three Walgreens stops to find it! Wet n Wild Limited Edition collections can easily take me weeks to find, I am super shocked that I was able to find this one so quickly. I must say right off the bat, I love this collection! Not all of it, but the parts of it that I like, I really love.

First of all I love the white limited edition packaging! This really gives the whole collection a very crisp and fun look. I didn't buy everything in the display this time around though and decided to just stick to pieces I know I will use. However, I am pretty sure that there will be more to the spring collection, this feels unfinished at this point and I would not be surprised to find that there will be a lip and polish display coming soon. At least, I hope so! Anyways, let's check out what I hauled from the Wet n Wild Queen of My Heart Spring 2017 Collection.
This has to be my least favorite part of this collection, sigh! This is the Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Palette. This palette was $5.99 and I hate it, I think it looks like children's makeup and like something that I would find at the .99 store. The lip palette has 18 heart shaped tiny pans, the color range again, is child-like. I would say pass on this part of the collection, and this is without me even trying  it out. It's just not something I would consider to be "makeup" and I dislike it so much I won't even pass it to my little girl.
On to the part of the collection which I think is going to be the most popular, the highlighters! The Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powders are priced at $4.99 and the collection includes two. This is the shade The Sweetest Bling, which I predict will be the most popular of the two.
The Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder in the shade Lilac To Reality is a beautiful lilac shade, which is a little scary in my opinion. But that's just because I am an old lady who doesn't wear colorful highlighters, but I can see how highlight lovers world-wide are going to love it. Being a collector, I had to buy it but not sure it's one I will wear.
The Wet n Wild Queen of My Heart Spring 2017 Collection includes three ColorIcon Trios - the first one being my favorite! This is Will You Marina Me and as you can see, it's a gorgeous trio. That browbone shade gives me the chills, it's just so pretty. Overall all three shades in this one are a winner for me. These ColorIcon Trios are $2.99 and I think this 2017 Spring Collection is a lot more wearable than the 2016 pastel collection.
This next Wet n Wild ColorIcon Trio is in the shade Hieroglyphic Heart. I must say that the matte shade in the middle has my name on it, I also really like the bottom shade.
Lastly is the Wet n Wild ColorIcon Trio in the shade Heart and Heavy. Again, likin the middle shade on this one a lot.
This was my entire haul. I did not pick up the kabuki brush or the cheek and lip tints. Those were al shades that definitely didn't seem wearable to me. But I really do like what I have picked up, with th exception of the lip palette which I will be returning. I should have swatches of the shadows and highlighters on here soon.
Will you be picking up something from the Wet n Wild Queen of My Heart Spring 2017 Collection?

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