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2017 Beauty Goals

I want to start off the year by setting a few goals for myself when it comes to my skincare, beauty regimen, my makeup collection and this blog. These are things that I have been thinking about for some time, but I am fantastic at dropping the ball and never quite stick to anything. This year I really want to make these four things a priority and hopefully I will be able to come back with an update in a few months, and a final one at the end of the year. 

1) skincare: I don't take care of my skin. I'd be lying if I said I do. This past year I have been better about cleansing my skin and moisturizing it, but that is as far as my skincare regimen goes. In 2017 I want to make skincare a priority. I want to concentrate more on the revitalization of my skin which in turn should make everything that I use on top, even better. I am going to start a monthly Skincare Diary with updates on products I am testing out, including which will be staying with me on my skincare journey and which will not. 

Skincare can be more expensive so I really want to concentrate on products that are more accessible, yet effective. I will be branching out to mid-range brands and hope to bring a lot of new products to you, that we can all actually afford. 

2) wearing makeup: Something ironic in my life is the amount of makeup that I own considering that I only wear it 2-3 times a week. I work at home which means that I don't get up every morning and get ready for a day out. I only get ready if I have something to do out of the house that is not picking and dropping kids off at school. 

However, I know that I feel better and get more done on those days that I am more put together. That's why this year I want to give myself more time to get ready each morning and actually put on some makeup, maybe comb my hair. With so much on my plate, that might mean having to get up earlier, which is not easy during the winter, but I really want to make this goal a reality. 

3) shop my stash: While I still planning on purchasing a lot of beauty items to review on here and share on social, I want to be better about shopping my own stash. My second goal is going to have a lot to do with this one. The more days I actually wear makeup, the more of my stash that I can get through. 

I have tons of products that I love that are getting older and I have a lot of products I don't enjoy that much. My goal is to weed out what I won't be using and pass it on or throw it out. I actually did a lot of purging of new products this holiday, giving away many new items I had that I knew I would not be using. I also have a few things I will try to sell because they are new or in great shape. I won't be purging all at once but after a few months I hope to have a more cohesive collection of items that I really love and enjoy. 

4: grow my blog) I love this blog and though it sometimes falls by the wayside I really want to concentrate on it this year. I started with an overhaul of the look and now really want to concentrate on good content that includes: monthly faves, new products at Sephora, new products at the drugstore, along with my regular reviews. 

While this blog doesn't make me an income, it's one thing in my life that bring me happiness. This year I hope to grow my readership, bring better content and hopefully work with a few brands to bring more new products to you. While PR is not my favorite thing, it is pretty important in growing any beauty blog because I simply can't afford to buy everything. 

With only four beauty/blog related goals in 2017, I hope that I will be able to achieve them all. I'd love to know what your beauty related goals, or any goals, you have set up for yourself this year are. Please share below!


  1. I have all of the same posts! I work from home two days a week so I ended up only putting makeup on some days - not sure why I need so much! I am trying to strike a balance between buying new releases to review and grow my blog and shopping my stash to not be wasteful!

    Kate | katelovesmakeup.com

  2. I want to put out more skin care reviews :) and yes grow my blog:)

    1. I think 2017 is going to be the year we all work on our blogs. Can't wait to see them all at the end of it.