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Too Faced Merry Macaroons Review & Swatches #Holidays2016

I like Too Faced quite a lot. I LOVE their original Matte Liquified Lipsticks, I really like the original Chocolate Bar and I love the Born This Way Concealer, amongst other things. The only time Too Faced really fails in my opinion, is with their larger holiday palettes. Last year I passed on the larger two palettes and only picked up the Ulta exclusive. This year it's the same thing. Why? First of all the Ulta exclusive Too Faced holiday palette is more affordable than the others AND it always seems to be better quality. This year is no exception. The Too Faced Christmas in New York Merry Macaroons palette is ADORABLE, it is quite affordable and it's really, really good! Plus it smells like vanilla which is always a plus in my book. Let's check it out shall we?

Too Faced Christmas in New York Merry Macaroons palette is an Ulta exclusive and costs $39.

The Merry Macaroons palette gives you a piece of the Too Faced holiday collection without having to shell out too much cash and honestly, it's adorable. I recommend this palette to anyone who will be shopping for teenagers this holiday season or for anyone who will like the enchantment of Christmas in New York and makeup.

The palette includes a deluxe sized Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (one of my favorites!) and comes in the cutest box. 

One of my favorite things about the Too Faced Christmas in New York Merry Macaroons Palette is that the shade range is very neutral. It's only got one real pop of color, which means that this is a very wearable palette that can be used a lot versus getting a palette with a lot of bright colors that you won't reach for. Of course this is not the palette for those of you looking for those bright pops of color, but I for one, am happy that these are shades I can use on the daily.

Isn't it beautiful? In person the Too Faced Merry Macaroons palette is so much prettier than the sneak peek photos I saw online.

Here is a shot of the Merry Macaroons palette in sunlight. When I first saw this I just about died over Banana Cream and Honey Lavender, which look so pretty when the sun hits them.

For comparison purposes, here is the Too Faced Merry Macaroons palette next to last year's Too Faced Ulta Exclusive. I really like that palette a lot and am excited that I now have the new one.

the swatches

Overall I do think the Merry Macaroons Too Faced Palette is worth the $39. Plus Ulta will soon be having a 20% off coupon, which is a great time to get it for even less. This palette is made in China, same as last year's, but I think it's really good. None of the shades lacked pigmentation, even the purple one is very nice and some of those shimmers are BOMB. Yes, I give the Merry Macaroons palette a big GO! 

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