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Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette Review & Swatches

Back in August I discovered (the same way that Columbus discovered America) Costal Scents Hot Pots. See my first Coastal Scent .99 Hot Pot haul HERE. The "discovery" of these super-affordable single shadows was quite an eye opener for me. I know that Coastal Scents has been around since the beginning of time and I know that these Hot Pots are cult favorites, but it was a brand and product I had never tried. Boy, was I missing out! If you go back to that review you will see what I mean. 

Right after I posted that review one of my followers this palette to me. Being the good spender that I am, I immediately ordered it from Amazon where I was able to get free shipping. I paid under $14 for the Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette and you can find it on the Coastal Scents site right now for only $12.95. 

The Coastal Scents Fall Festival palette includes 12 shades in matte, shimmer and metallic finishes. This palette (unlike the one that I ordered) includes a mirror, which is always nice to have. The color selection though is what got me, because this truly is a fall perfect palette. 

The Hot Pots™ included in the Fall Festival Palette are: Chamois Nude, Bright Copper, Dark Golden Olive, Light Apricot, Kiwi Green, Deep Cantaloupe, Regalia Purple, American Rose, Cherry Chocolate, Raisin Berry, New Penny, Gunmetal

the swatches

Chamois Nude: this one has become a favorite which I reach for constantly. It's great fo highlighting your brow bone and I love how pigmented and soft it is. 
Bright Copper
Dark Golden Olive: a fantastic olive green, I am so into olives for fall.
Light Apricot

Kiwi Green: another gorgeous shade I would recommend.
Deep Cantaloupe: a standout in this row because of how pigmented it is. 
Regalia Purple: Purples are usually hard to do for most brands, yet this purple is nicely pigmented and such a great shade that is mixed with blue. 
American Rose: this was the one shade in the palette that I was most excited for an unfortunately it's something of a let down. It's one of two shades in this palette which lack pigmentation, but it can be built up nicely, just not as dark as the pan would suggest. 

Cherry Chocolate:
Raisin Berry: a standout in this palette. If you're placing a hot pot order I totally recommend this shade along with New Penny!
New Penny: the best shade in the palette hands down! This shade is so metallic, super pigmented and just stunning. 
Gunmetal: a total dud but a friend on Snapchat sent me a photo of a swatch of this shade in her palette and it's totally different. Maybe I just got a bad shade? 

Overall I really like this palette and for the price I think it's a total steal! If you like the color selection in the palette then I def suggest picking it up, or if you just like a few of the shades then you can always pick them up as single Hot Pots which are only $1.99. Or you can wait until the next .99 Hot Pot sale which is what I'm doing. My recommendations for anyone ordering Hot Pots would have to be Raisin Berry and New Penny. Put those on your list for sure!

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