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Coastal Scents .99 Hot Pot Sale Haul & Swatches

Last week Coastal Scents had their $.99 sale and something made me jump on it for the first time ever. Of course I know the brand Coastal Scents, it's just one of those brands that just doesn't excite me or make me want to place on order, catch my drift? I've seen people mention the .99 Hot Pot Sale before and never really paid attention but this time I actually headed over to their page to check it out. Once there I saw a ton of super cute fall shades and that's when I set to doing some online research of these hot pots. I kid you not, I spend about 2 hours that morning looking at reviews, videos and a ton of online swatches. What I found really surprised me and I decided to order a palette's worth of fall eyeshadows. At .99 there wasn't much to lose and seriously the swatches I found online had very much intrigued me. 

Let's talk about the low price of Coastal Scents Hot Pots. Normally they are only $1.95 but I guess they have this .99 sale a few times a year. Either price is insanely low, and I think that's why I thought they would be pretty crappy shadows. I ended up placing two orders and using a $5 off coupon for each one. They have this great referral coupon where you can send a $5 coupon to someone and when they use it, you get $5 off too. I also decided to add one of the empty palettes which was only $5.99. They had a palette that included a mirror and a black case but I really liked this one with the see through lid. In the end I paid about $14.89 for the entire palette and eyeshadows, I kid you not!

So my order ended up arriving about five days after I placed it, which in actuality it was pretty quick but it felt like forever to me. The little eyeshadows come individually packaged and labeled which is something I can definitely appreciate and I found that though the empty palette is very simple and not fancy, it's perfect for the job. 

Plus I really like that there's a little corner to pop up the eyeshadows which makes it really easy to do so. I know that one of the things I hate about my Mac eyeshadow palette is how impossible it is to take the eyeshadow out once you put them inside. 

The shadows are even prettier in person than what you see online and overall I was really happy with every shade that I picked out. For sure I'm missing a red shade but the one that I had wanted was sold out. I also realized that I'm missing a brown taupe just because I love taupe shades, but I can easily get those later on. 

For now I am really happy with what I ended up choosing and I actually can't wait to get my hands on more. You will see why very soon. Let's take a look at these swatches because I want you to know why I am so excited over Coastal Scents Hot Pots. 

the swatches

The shimmer finish shadows in this row are all thebomb.com. In fact every single shimmer shade that I ordered is amazing.

Tangelo Tint is the only matte in this row and though it's not super pigmented in one swipe, it only took three swipes to build to this intensity and I found it to be soft and smooth to apply. I feared it might be chalky but it totally is not. 

In this row we have three gorgeous matte shades and one shimmer. The only one of the mattes that was a little bit sheerer is Pumpkin Pie. But it's also a lighter shade that blended in with my skin. The shimmer shade was just as nice as the ones in the first row.

I think all three of these matte shades are must have's for any fall palette. I would add another shade called Barista and that would make it even more perfect. 

This ended up being my favorite of the three rows and that's just because of these beautiful green, and burgundy shades and I also really love that pop of metallic silver at the end. 

Olivewood, the matte shade is actually not super pigmented either, it's very much like Tangelo Tint and Pumpkin Spice, but again it built up really nice and it's a perfect olive shade. Chocolatier is also a matte but a lot more pigmented and Aluminum Taupe is freakin amazing. 

Even after having watched so many YouTube reviews and blog reviews online I was still really impressed with these hot pots once I got them in my hand. It's still pretty shocking to me that these are $1.95 normally, because the quality is pretty outstanding. No, I do know that these are not as high-quality eyeshadows as say Mac or Makeup Geek, they are supposed to have a pretty high talc content, but I'm telling you they're really great. At least the ones that I picked out. 

My suggestion to anybody that's going to order any hot pots is to do your research. Look for online swatches, look for YouTube reviews (there's tons of swatch vids) and really do your research before placing an order. I personally can't wait to get more. Plus I really like the idea of bringing to you guys product that are more affordable, because I know that not everybody has 50 some dollars to spend on an eyeshadow palette. Anyways, this is my review of my very first Coastal Scents order, I was so pleasantly surprised and I hope that it has helped you in someway. I do have a Coastal Scents pre-made Hot Pot palette coming tomorrow that I'm going to be swatching on here very soon, so please look for that.

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  1. These look gorgeous! 99 cents per shadow is a great deal. I have one coastal scents shadow, but I don't use it as much as I should.