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NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey : My Review

NARS Audacious lippies have been on my radar for quite some time. They're one of those makeup items that I visit whenever at the makeup counter and I have swatched them a lot. But it's that $32 price tag that always stops me from actually buying one. It wasn't until my birthday came along that my daughter told me to pick out any lipstick that I wanted while we were in the store and I immediately bee lined it to the NARS Audacious lipsticks. Don't worry, I did warn her that they were pretty pricey but she told me it didn't matter, it was my birthday that I could pick out whichever one I wanted. Well you know that your girl here had to pick out the shade Audrey because I've been in lust with it FOREVER and I was STOKED to finally have it in my hands. 

The tube of the lipstick is just very high-end and feels like it cost $32. It's got a magnetized lid that closes and has NARS stamped on the bullet which is always something that just feel so darn fancy. It's a beautiful tube of lipstick, that's for sure. 

Nars Audrey is described as a red plum, I would call it a berry/burgundy and it's insanely gorgeous. You know when you think of those perfect dark berry shades for fall and winter? This is it. The formula is one of the most amazing ever, you get full color in one buttery swipe, it's incredible really.

Because the formula of this lipstick is very soft and buttery I definitely did not feel any drying of the lips even after five hours wear. BUT the problem with this lippe is the same thing that makes it SO good, the buttery soft formula.  Because I live in a very high heat area it seems that this is just not going to work for me. On the first day I wore it I took it with me to apply when I got to the mall and because it was a very hot day the tube was extremely soft and I got a very messy application that I had to spend minutes fixing. This is something that I do with all my other lippies so I did not think ahead and realize that it might be an issue or I'd have applied it at home. But that day besides just getting too creamy of a finish and kind of messy application, overall the shade was still absolutely beautiful and I loved it. 

Now let's fast-forward to the second time that I wore this lipstick while hanging out at home in central air. I applied the lipstick and laid down for a bit and after about 30 minutes I got up looked in the mirror and found out that I had lipstick smeared on all of my front teeth, and not a little, all of my front teeth were covered in red. Lol. It was actually pretty embarrassing because as I was looking in the mirror my boyfriend was looking at me and he managed to catch a glimpse of what looked like my mouth completely bleeding. Now thinking back on it, it's actually really funny but that day I was mortified and kept thinking, what if I had gone straight out and talked to somebody with that mouth full of lipstick. Can you imagine? 

Still after that smeary experience I didn't give up and wore it the next day with no problems at all but I think it's because it was a cooler day. Which only leads me to one conclusion with my very first NARS lipstick, I will have to return it. I love the formula of this lipstick, I am in love with the shade because I am such a fan of this type of color, but I live in a very hot area. If I lived somewhere cooler I could see this being my go-to lipstick and I could definitely see myself buying a few more. But knowing that it's super hot here most of the year, then this lippie is just an accident waiting to happen. At $32 a pop, I'd rather switch it out for a NARS shadow or any other product that won't cause me to look like a clown full of red teeth. 

It saddens me that my birthday lippie turned out to be a fail for me, and only because NARS made such a soft and buttery formula. It's not even because it's bad! It's such a bummer dude. 

I don't think that I am saying goodbye to NARS Audacious lippies forever. Maybe we can try again in the fall or maybe when I no longer live in hell. All I know is that I look forward to that day and to reconnecting with Audrey, because she is lovely. And I still say this lippie is a big GO, and as long as your climate is a little more forgiving then heck yeah. My experience is only because of the temperature and in no way is this product bad. I just live in a bad place that doesn't love buttery soft formulas. Which sucks. 

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