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My July Boxycharm and the Ofra Magnetic Palette w/ Swatches

So I haven't been a member of the Boxycharm monthly subscription for almost a year now but when I saw this months sneak peek I immediately signed back up. I've definitely been on an eyeshadow kick and when I saw that this month there was going to be a magnetic pallet that included six single eyeshadows it seemed too exciting an opportunity to pass up. 

This is everything that came in the July Boxycharm box and between the Ofra palette, the Ofra eyeshadow, the Mally blending brush and the gloss, I can tell you that this has been one of the best Boxycharm months ever.  I was super relieved that I got one of the Mally make up brushes instead of the Mally eyeliner that a lot of people got and even though I don't usually use Moroccan oil in my hair, I am definitely looking forward to using the one in this month's box. 

But of course the star of the July Boxycharm and the reason why I signed up is this Ofra Magnetic palette and six single eyeshadows. I'm just starting to experience single shadows and so far have only purchased them from Mac, but I thought this as a great opportunity to try another brand for $21, which is like nothing. Plus I love that there is so much more room in this palette, which gives me an excuse and an opportunity to order other singles to fill it up. 

The Ofra Magnetic palette is made from cardboard in the doesn't look like it's going to be incredibly sturdy over time but it is sturdy enough for someone like me who doesn't plan on traveling with it or doing much other than using it once in a while.

I think more exciting than the palette though I was really excited for these six eyeshadows because they are very beautiful and they really are shades that I probably would've picked out myself.  

I mean, look at these shades and tell me that they are not incredibly stunning. As soon as I saw the first Boxycharm sneak peek I knew that I wanted these in my life.

Beauties right? So the only thing that is a bit confusing about these eyeshadows is that they do not have a name in the back which means that I don't have names for them and I don't know how you would go about ordering them. I didn't even know that Ofra sold single eyeshadows. But now let's take a look at the swatches.

The first two shades down at the bottom are both shimmer finish and by far my favorite of the six. I found both of those eyeshadows to be very soft and very pigmented and in person let me tell you that they are absolutely glorious. I can see myself using these over and over again. The third shade from the bottom was one of the ones I was most excited for and while it is beautiful I found it to go on a little patchy, which is pretty much the same story from there on out. Really the shimmer formula of these shadows is a real standout and the other formula is not the worst formula in the world but I wasn't blown away by it. 

I'm still super stoked that I got this Ofra Magnetic palette from Boxycharm and I do realize that a lot of times the way a shadow swatches is not the way it's going to go on the eyes, so I'm still hopeful that they will be great. I know that for sure I am in love with the two shimmer shades plus I really like the orangey brown and I can't wait to actually use them one day this week. I am in love with this month's box and I'm just excited to have six new eyeshadows and a palette that has plenty of room for me to order some more. Did you get a box from Boxycharm this month and if so what was your favorite item?

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  1. Hi! I just got my Boxy Charm as well..if you look on bottom of your palette it does have a sticker with the names of the shadows �� Hope this helps. God bless.