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May Morphe Me Makeup Brush Monthly Subscription Plan Review

Today I have my late May Morphe Me Brush Club delivery review. During the month of May it was exciting for us to receive a very exclusive Elite brush that wasn't at that point even available to the public, and along with that two brushes that I have really been enjoying. FYI: In case this is the first time you hear of the Morphe Brushes and Live Glam collaboration called Morphe Me, a monthly makeup brush subscription. This subscription is only $20 per month and you get $30+ of makeup brushes delivered to your door every month. I have been a member of Morphe Me since January and I love the service. To date in fact, this is my favorite monthly subscription and one I don't see myself cancelling. Now let's quickly go over the brushes that we received in May, which so far has been one of my favorite months!

Morphe E1 $22.99
Morphe M433 $5.99
Morphe M441 $5.99

As excited as I was to get the E1, especially before everybody else, I passed it onto one of my girls because I don't actually powder my foundation every day. And as beautiful as this brush is, I really wanted it to be put to use. I asked my daughter how she's liking it and she says that it really is a really good powder brush and she has been enjoying it.

The Morphe M433 and the Morphe M441 have both become my favorite brushes that I received from this subscription to date. I pull them out every time that I'm going to do my makeup. This day I had used some really dark eyeshadow but I just have to give them a quick spray before use and they just work so well. They really work well in the crease and for blending are have just become faves. 

So as you can see me with another really good month with the Morphe Me subscription. Even though I only kept two of the three brushes I got, it's still one of my favorite months. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings and I am thrilled to have a subscription that I really look forward to each and every month. Today I received my June brushes and they are really fabulous, I so recommend the Morphe Me subscription to anyone who is looking to grow their makeup brush collection. Sign up for $20 per month by using this link

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