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Wet n Wild Megalast Polish in Wet Cement Review & Swatches

As you might know, the love for Wet and Wild polishes is strong with this one. I do buy other brands here and there, especially other really affordable brands from the drugstore, but Wet and Wild is hands down my favorite polish brand. These Megalast polishes are only $1.99 a pop and for somebody like me who is probably going to wear each polish 1 to 2 times at the maximum, this is the best way to go. I'm also somebody that doesn't like to do my nails more than once every few weeks, so having a polish that really sticks it out is important for me. I have heard many people say that these polishes start to chip on them in a day, but as someone with very long nails who uses these polishes all the time, I can tell you that I can go for up to two weeks without a chip. I do get wear on the tips of my nails because I type a lot, but usually no chips until after a full week or more. And no, I do not use a base coat and a lot of times I don't even use a topcoat. In recent months I have been using a dry coat just because I can't stand the regular dry time, but I don't get into a lot of "prep" and still get a super decent wear time with Wet n Wild Megalast polishes.

I had been really curious to try the shade Wet Cement for some time  and just hadn't seen it at the store. Finally one day I happened to find it and I immediately grabbed it and could not wait to put it on because it is such a beautiful neutral shade that I knew it was going to become a favorite. Wet Cement is  brown taupe with hints of gray and it's one of those shades that you could literally where nonstop because it will go with everything. This particular shade is a two coater but I personally like to do three coats on all of my polishes because I have very large ridges on my nails. 

Wet Cement is not part of a limited edition collection but can be found in the regular Wet n Wild polish display. 

Today I finally took off Wet Cement after wearing it for a few weeks, but I cannot wait to wear it again. I do have the complete Limited Edition Wet n Wild summer collection to share with you in the coming weeks and then at some point I will apply Wet Cement again. Wet Cement is a great shade for any nail polish lover to have in their collection, and at $1.99 a bottle, why not?

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