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My April Favorites : Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Wet n Wild & More

So it is already the 11th of the month but I wanted to put up of this April favorites post even though it is pretty late because I think that the items that became my favorite during this month are all pretty spectacular. I hope that you guys enjoy this look into what really caught my eye this month, with a small review on each item. 

For the month of April I have what might not seem like the most exciting of favorites, but each of these items is actually pretty special. Let's get started shall we?

First of all I want to talk about my Lancome Gloss in Love in the shade 385 Under The Spotlight. This is the only Gloss in Love that I own because these suckers are $27.50 a pop. This particular shade does contain larger pieces of glitter so if you do not like glitter in your gloss you might want to skip this shade (I personally think that the shimmer in this gloss adds to the really beautiful and pouty finished look) but I do recommend this overall range of glosses. First of all the packaging is completely lux and the click-to-open button is very different and gives such a high-end vibe. These glosses are so comfortable and cushiony on the lips with no stickiness at all. I  find that the formula is very moisturizing and makes my lips feel really good, especially when I'm having one of those dry lip days. The applicator on this gloss is my favorite ever, it's shaped like a C that hugs your lips as you're applying for that perfect application. Lancome Gloss in Love glosses are pricey at $27.50 apiece but if you can ever find them on sale I would definitely suggest picking at least one of them.

This gloss for me is one of those items just picks me up when I'm having one of those really crappy days. Even on a day that I'm wearing no make up and feel absolutely awful, all I have to do is pop some of this on and I immediately feel a million times better. Yes it is a splurge, but it's worth the splurge in my eyes.

The next must-have for me in April has to be the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Now this is one of those products that I had heard so much about and had always kept in the back of my mind, but it wasn't until I got a really good deal on HSN that I finally scooped two up. I gave one to Munkey and started to use mine immediately and it quickly became my every day go-to contour powder. I loved it so much that I ended up ordering a third for China (my other daughter). This is one of those products that is so hyped up but in the end is worth the hype and more. 

My fave foundation for April is the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. I've always really liked the formula and finish of the Mac Studio Fix Foundation, it's only this shade that I've always had a problem with, NC35 veers on the really orange side for me. In April I was able to tweak it a bit using CoverFX and I really enjoyed wearing it over and over again. This is one of those full-coverage foundations that stays on all day and just gives such a beautiful look to the skin and it's one I enjoy a lot.

Shiseido is one of my favorite brands, I used to buy a lot of their cosmetics before and really want to start trying out the skincare now that my skin needs more help. I got this deluxe sample size of the Ibuki Quick Fix Mist with a code from Sephora and it's quite a generous size. This is one of those mists you can spray on naked skin, before makeup or on top. It's chock full of great ingredients and I love misting my skin with it a few times a day. The spray is not a fine mist like Mac's Fix+ because this is a gel, but I've never found it to disturb my makeup in any way. I will be repurchasing this item once I am done with this bottle. 

This is the Lancome Cream Blush in Coral Alize from the 2015 summer collection. I am a huge fan of cream blush because they give my dry skin healthy and more supple appearance, and this shade is stunning. First I found this blush hard to apply because it would move my foundation around, but now I've learned to stipple it on rather than brush it on and it works perfectly fine without disturbing anything else. I think his bushes are still around Macy's and they are only $22 which is a really good deal for a Lancome blush. I have two shades of this blush and I would definitely buy more.

The next bush that we made an impact on me because it's just so amazing every time that I put it on is the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. I've had Luminoso for about six months and now I know why people rave about it so much. These blushes tare only $5.99 and they are worth that, plus a whole lot more. And every time that I wear this blush on Instagram, I am from bombarded with people asking me what blush I'm wearing. 

I purchased this Revlon lippie in Rum Raisin one day for about $2 and it's become a holy grail, so much so that I think this might be the first lipstick that I actually finish in years. First of all, Rum Raisin on it's own is a beautiful shade. But, I also use it to layer with many others. I love a good coral shade, but bright corals do not go well with my teeth, so I have found that pairing Rum Raisin with one of my many corals gives me one of the most beautiful combinations ever. I can add just a little bit of this shade to soften up a coral, or I can add a lot more to make a brick shade, and I top and mix it with a lot of my berry and red shades as well. I never used to be much of a mixer when it comes to lipstick, but I find Rum Raisin so versatile and it's such a lovely color that can make so many others just that much better.

While a lot of beauty bloggers have the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette as one of their favorites for the month of April, my pick is the Kat Von D Interstellar Palette. This was one of the spur of the moment purchases for me during the Sephora VIB Sale. I've used this pallet a handful of times now and not only is it easy to use, the formula is fantastic, the shades are very pigmented, it also delivers on really beautiful purple/mauve looks. It might be hard to believe but I like this pallet a lot more than the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette. 

During April I tried out a few new eyeshadow bases/primers and the one that I find myself reaching for the most is the Wet n Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer. I purchased this for about $5 and it's just become super convenient for me to use because I don't need a brush to apply, just two dabs with my finger, blend and go. I find that this really makes my eyeshadows show up a lot brighter and it makes them stick to the skin really well, where I really have to rub it off with remover at the end of the day. I did get a comment on Instagram from somebody who says they have really oily lids and that this made all of their eyeshadows crease, so it's not a product that's going to work for everybody. But at only $5, this is one I suggest taking a chance on. I personally can't tell any difference between this and the Urban Decay primer and this is a fraction of the cost. 

I got two deluxe samples of the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara as points perks from Sephora a few months ago and kept one for myself and I'm so glad that I did. This is one of the best mascaras that I have tried in a really long time. Really all you need is one coat of this mascara but if you do two or three then you will have the best lashes ever. The full-size of this product is $26 which is pretty pricey, but I do think it's definitely worth the price. I have two brand-new Too Faced Better Than Sex mascaras right now so after I finish both of those I will definitely consider buying the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara in full-size.

So that is it for my April favorites, I hope that you have enjoyed these small reviews on each of my picks. What were some of your favorites for the month of April?

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