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Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipsticks Spiderweb & Rocksteady

Today I have some really fun swatches for you. I heard just this morning that Ulta has reduced the price on the entire Gwen Stefani collection. So I thought it a perfect time to open up my two lippies from the collection to share with you, in case you are interested in grabbing some while they are on sale. I only purchased two of the lipsticks from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collaboration when they launched, and of course I had to purchase some of the reds. Red is my signature color, in case you don't know. And both of these lippies are TO DIE for. 

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick in Spiderweb & Rocksteady

Presentation is beautiful, Urban Decay always does a beautiful job of packaging. I have the Mrs. Mia Wallace Revolution lippie and have never been able to throw the box out because of the great job they did with that too.  

The outside of the boxes matches the Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow and Blush Palettes.

The outer tube of the lipsticks is not the heaviest of plastics, but these lipsticks also cost less at $18 than the $22 price of the Revolution lipsticks.

As a super-fan of red lipsticks I knew I would really like both of these shades and I had a feeling that Rocksteady (deep wine, red cream) would be my favorite of the two. I was right. I absolutely love this deeper shade of red and think this one is a must-buy. I did notice that this one applied just a tad dryer than Spiderweb, but not enough to make it uncomfortable and I have been wearing it for a few hours now and find that it's super comfortable on the lips. They are both really, really pigmented and seriously stain the lips, though they do transfer because they are a traditional lipstick and not a liquid lipstick.    

Spiderweb, a satin red cream, is also a perfect red. I love this for everyday and really love how creamy and smooth this shade went on the lips. 

As of this morning Ulta lowered the price of these lipsticks from $18 to $12. I highly suggest a trip to the store to see if they have any and picking some up. That's a really good price for such good quality lipsticks. There are two more that I would love to get, but I doubt they will be in-store by the time I finally get to my store, which is who knows when. I hope some of you get to scoop some up, because as you can see, they are stunning!

Do you own any of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipsticks, if not which would you love to get?

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