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Milani Amore Metallics Lip Cremes Review & Lip Swatches

So tonight I have a very exciting review. Just two evenings ago as I was at my local CVS I bumped into the brand-new display for the Milani Amore Metallics Lip Cremes, which I have spotted on Instagram for the past weeks. Honestly I've been really excited to get a hold of this collection because last year I totally missed out on almost the entire Milani Amore Matte collection, with the exception of two shades. That was one of the few times that I've actually bumped into a product that I just could not get a hold of. That's why I was very excited to find this display even though at $8.99 a pop they are pretty pricey in my book. Originally I had planned on just getting the red with perhaps the purple shade but since I did find them buy one get one 50% off I went ahead and picked up four. Without further ado let's get into this review because I think these lipsticks are very fun, I'm totally digging the metallic finish, and the shades really are very cool. Let's get into it!

 Mliani Amore Metallics Lip Cremes come in eight shades, and they are supposed to be a liquid lipstick with a metallic finish. Something that seems is going to be a big trend for spring and summer. I do also have the complete Metallic Wet n Wild collection to share with you later this week. Those lipsticks are only $3.99 apiece so the Mililani ones are definitely on the pricier spectrum.

The shades I got are: Matterialistic, Mattely In Love, Automatic Touch and Chromatic Addict.

the lip swatches

I pretty much knew that Chromatic Addict wasn't really going to be a good color for my skin tone but I wanted to try it just in case. I do think that it looks a little better than my picture suggest because when I started taking the photographs it was a very gray and I had hardly any good light. Plus I had quite a few people comment that they really like the shade and that it was their personal favorite. For me, I don't think it would be a lip color that I would be super comfortable wearing though it's not because of the finish or the formula because it really is good all around. It's just a little light for me.

If you enjoy a nude shade then Chromatic Addict is going to be a must from this collection. In person it's really pretty, in fact all of the shades look amazing in person and very different because we haven't seen metallic finishes recently.  I was a little scared that they were going to be something of a frost finish, which always makes me think of old lady lipsticks, but these are definitely not old lady at all, the finish is very metallic,very fun and I love that we finally have another new trend.

Milani Amore Metallics Lip Cremes

Matterialistic is a very bronzy shade which in fact reminds me a lot of those new Jordana eyeshadows that are all the rage. I think there's a few shades in that line that look very much like this one. It was one of the more interesting ones for me that I definitely wanted to pick up because I wanted to see how that bronze color would look on the lips. My foundation went really light today because I'm still tweaking the color of it, but I could see this shade as well as the last one looking absolutely amazing on really tanned skin during the summer.

Matterialistic is a very sexy shade to if you ask me. I really like it and I really do think it looks really good on the lips and I can't wait to see people rock this shade during the summer because it's going to be absolutely amazing with a lot bronzer on and tanned skin.

As soon as I put Automatic Touch (duo-chrome) on my lips I knew that it was going to be stinking amazing. This is one of those shades that for me always works out really well. I just love bright colors that have a lot of purple, that have a lot of raspberry and it's a shade that immediately wakes up my face. I know that people shy away from shades like this just like a lot of us shy away from nudes. But I think that this is such a super wearable color that you just can't miss out on. It's got a lot of purple, it's got a lot of raspberry and the metallic sheen is very pink and purple. And because it does veer more to a berry color instead of straight out purple, I think it's going to be very wearable for many people. 

This is my favorite Mliani Amore Metallics Lip Cremes from the four I got and I'm surprised,  I totally thought the red would be my favorite as is the norm but this shade totally hit it out of the park for me and it's my absolute favorite. If you are less of a nude lover and enjoy bright colors the way that I do then I would suggest this is the shade that you pick up. 

Now the last Mliani Amore Metallics Lip Creme is Mattely In Love which I had already fallen in love with just by seeing pictures of it on social media. Mattely In Love is a blue based red that looks really beautiful and striking on. You know I love a good red and this one is really pretty. Out of the four shades that I got I think it's the one that's the least metallic in finish. So if the other three finishes scare you for some reason, do know that this one is less metallic but still beautiful. Mattely in Love has just enough of that metallic finish to make it different from another red liquid lipstick but the finish is not as strong as it is on the other shades. Now if you're looking for the most metallic finish of all of them, from the ones I tried it would definitely have to go be Matterialistic, which is SUPER metallic. 

I actually like that Mattely In Love isn't as metallic as the other shades because it gives me a touch of that metallic finish but it's also more wearable. As pretty and metallic as the lighter shades are, they didn't look so amazing with my teeth so I'm glad for the last two shades which look better on me. And out of the four shades this is definitely my second favorite.

I'm very excited that I was able to get a hold of the Milani Amore Metallics Lip Cremes. I think the color range is pretty good: you have two nude shades for the nude lovers, you have a berry/purple shade for the people who want to little bit of purple in their lives, you have that one really good red which is an essential in any lip collection. I think the other four shades include corals and pinks which would then round out the color selection really well. 

The formula of these lipsticks is pretty much the formula of their regular Milani Amore Lip Cremes so you know that the staying power is there and though they are not a moisturizing lipstick they are not over-drying. I've been wearing wearing Mattely In Love since I finished taking the photographs and even after almost 9 hours I still have most of the color on my lips. This was after having a meal, a snack, and a two hour nap. And to tell you the truth, I feel absolutely no dryness on my lips so  maybe the formula is a little bit better on these than the Amore Lip Cremes. One can only hope as that's already a really good formula so if they made it better it would be even more amazing.

I'm pretty happy with his collection, like I said I'm so glad that I found it and that this time I'm not going to miss out on the wonderfulness that is these lipsticks. Definitely let me know which one is your favorite, let me know if you have found them at your local store. I found mine at CVS for $8.99 each and on sale for buy one get one 50% off. Which one of these four shades is your favorite?


  1. These colors look gorgeous! I'll have to pick one up.


  2. I just order mine and I cannot wait to receive them!!! They look soooooo good on you! :)


  3. They look very pretty on you! Yesterday I ordered chromatic addict and matterialistic, but then i got quite anxious tho. But now I see how amazing they look i'm very happy.