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#LipQuickie Mac Heroine

Today Prince passed away, not just an icon in the music industry but someone whose music was a large part of my teenage years. I first saw and heard of Prince when I was about 12 and from then on his music was a constant in my life. His passing at such a young age is very sad, tragic and makes you realize that life is shorter than you think. 

In honor of his purple majesty I wanted to do a #LOTD Lip Swatch in the color purple and of course that means my very favorite purple of all, Mac's Heroine. This is not a shade for someone who is looking to hide from life, Heroine is a vibrant purple that is super eye chatching and fun, and has to be rocked. I love this lipstick and I can see myself wearing it even as an old lady, well older than I am now because as you can see the grays are here to stay.

To Prince I dedicate today's #LOTD. The world lost an amazing talent and man today, he will be missed. 

What is your favorite purple lipstick?

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