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Building My Dream Mac Palette #2 Satin Taupe

This post is all about the second Mac eyshadow that I have chosen for my Dream Mac Palette. You can find my original post here where I talk about why I decided to build my own Mac palette. 

Now let's talk about the second eyeshadow I picked to include in my dream palette. I have done tons and tons of research on Mac eyeshadows and throughout many videos and posts I kept running into the famous Satin Taupe. Satin Taupe is a frost eyeshadow that is taupe with silver shimmers and I saw pictures of so many looks featuring this shade, and even many looks just on its own. I really do enjoy taupe shades and after seeing so many beautiful photos with this color, I knew it had to have a spot in my Dream Mac Palette. 

I paid $10 for this eyeshadow and just a few days later the price on the Mac Pan Refills was lowered to $6, which is awesome! That means that I will probably be building my palette a lot faster than originally planned AND it's going to cost a less in the end. Pretty sweet, right?

 the swatch

One thing I have found just by owning these two Mac Eyeshadows is that they don't swatch as good as they really are once worn on the eyes. When I swatched Swiss Chocolate last month I wasn't super impressed, but I have since then worn the shadow and it's so much more pigmented than the swatch would have one think. So this swatch of Satin Taupe isn't super amazing either, but I have seen some seriously gorgeous shots of it worn and I can't wait to wear it!

Mac Swiss Chocolate and Mac Satin Taupe. They're kinda lonely.

But not to fret because I already have a list of four other shadows that will be going into this palette, and now that they are cheaper, I might even get them all at once.  

Stay tuned in the next weeks to see which will be my next picks for this palette. I will be using both Satin Taupe and Swiss Chocolate in the meantime so I can give you a review of them on the next post. If you have a favorite Mac Eyeshadow I would love to know what it is!

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