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April #MorpheMe Brush Club Review

I've been doing monthly subscription boxes for over a year now and after trying many out I can tell you what the one item that I use the most from these boxes has always been, and that is make up brushes. That's why I'm surprised that the #MorpheMe monthly brush club is the first of its kind, I'm surprised nobody had thought about it before. The #MorpheMe plan originally began in December and I have been a member since January.  One of the main reasons why I ended up canceling all of my other boxes was that I was getting a ton of stuff that I could not use for one reason or another and that is why I am enjoying this club so much, I am using every single brush that I am being sent and that makes this subscription a much better value overall. Let's say you're paying $21 a month but you are only using one item or two from a subscription, then really you're not getting a good value. This is the first time that I haven't gotten any products that I either have to throw away, store or giveaway. 

The #MorpheMe monthly subscription is $19.99 a month and you get $30+ dollars worth of brushes every month. I already have three of these reviews up and I hate to repeat myself over and over again but having someone handpick your brushes and not paying shipping is such a good way to go. Especially for somebody like myself who didn't know a lot about brushes and sometimes doesn't know about half of the brushes that I'm supposed to use. I can tell you that my collection is now growing very nicely and I definitely cannot wait to see how much it will grow in the next year. I don't know if there is such a thing as too many brushes, but if that does happen at some point I do have my girls that I can share with so that's definitely not going to be a problem.

For the month of April we received five brushes:
M510: Pro Round Blender $7.99
M504: Lare Ponited Blender $6.99
M505: Tapered Blender $5.99
M330: Blending Crease $5.99
M508: Smudger $3.99

With this batch we did get one goat hair makeup brush which is great because they seem to be pricier brushes and so far I've gotten about five in total. I really like how you don't just send brushes from the cheaper lines, instead they are constantly giving us a few of the better selections.

So this month there was definitely two stand out brushes for me and those are the M510 and the M505. I've actually been using all of the brushes but these are the two that stand out the most because one is really good at what it does and the other is taking care of my highlighting really nicely.

The M510, the Pro Round Blender is the perfect brush to highlight with. No I don't highlight every single day, but when I do it is very nice to have a brush the does the job perfectly. The size of the brush head is perfect for getting the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and anywhere that you want to add some highlight. I also like how easily it cleaned up with some brush cleaner spray before I took these photos, so even though it's white I don't think I will have to worry about it getting stained and dirty looking.

The M505 Tapered Brush is the other brush that stood out to me in April. With three blending brushes I wasn't sure if anyone of them would be different, but the fact that this brush head is shorter is a little bit fluffier and rounder makes it the perfect brush for my crease. One of the other blenders has a longer brush and the other one has a thinner one so the M505 is the perfect size for my crease and I have loved using it every single time that I put on my make up since getting it.

So the month of April is practically over and in just about a week I will be getting my May brushes which I have already seen and it's going to be an extremely exciting month. We are going to be getting an Elite that has not been released anywhere and it's a foundation brush which is awesome because I missed out on the one they had in December. Right now I am using the Real Techniques brush for foundation and I do love it but I definitely want in on an Elite one from Morphe Brushes.

I will leave the link below where you can sign up for the #MorpheMe subscription. As you can tell I'm definitely a fan, this is a subscription that I recommend to anybody that needs to grow their brush collection without a spending lot of money. Let me know if you have any questions!

Sign up for the Morphe Brushes #MorpheMe Brush Club. 

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