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Mac Haul : Mellow Moderns & Contour & Sculpt Yourself Palette

You might recall that a few days ago, in my Building My Dream Mac Palette post, I mentioned how I had been toying with purchasing one of the 15-pan Mac Palettes, specifically the Nordstrom's Finest? Well...I am almost embarrassed to now be here with a haul where I have gone ahead and purchased one. Let me give you some background. So I stated over and over again how I was not 100% sold on the 3 existing 15-pan Mac Palettes because of two things: the price and the shades. When I saw that the prices had been reduced I knew that it was time for me to try one out. I ordered a "new" one from their site and waited excitedly for its arrival.

FYI: The X15 palettes used to be $85 and are now $65. and the X9 palettes used to be $40 and are now $32. 

As far as I know, Mac launched three new X9 palettes plus they have launched a new Nordstrom exclusive, so I thought the one I ordered was new too. It's called Mellow Moderns and it's a gorgeous palette, but it's not new. It's the Nordstrom's Finest packaged under a new name! Now that I have seen the palette in person I am 99.9% happy with it and I am glad that I ordered it, I just wish that I hadn't gotten all excited thinking it was "NEW", when it's just got a new name. You know? Like Judge Judy says, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." But whatever. I'm glad I now have this beauty of a palette at the reduced price, which makes each pan only $4.33 and a great value. Let's check it out ok?

So what do you think of the Nordstrom's Finest (AKA Mellow Moderns) Palette? It's a beauty right? My favorite shade of all is the one at the top, far right. Really I am in love with the entire right side of the palette and I really like the first row a lot too, especially in the light! It's only that yellow in the second row that doesn't float my boat at all, but maybe when I try it, who knows. For now I still have not touched this palette so I can not tell you how good it is. Now let's look at the second item from my haul.

This is the Mac Contour & Sculpt Yourself Palette ($60). I saw this the same day that I was headed to the mall to return my Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette and tried asking for it at the Mac store but they didn't have it so I am way excited that I finally have it in hand. I own two Mac blushes and two finishing powders but have never tried their sculpting or shaping powders and can't wait to see how they work.

The Mac Contour & Sculpt Yourself Palette includes:

1 Powder Blush in Fleur Power
1 Sheertone Blush in Peaches
1 Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Trace Gold
1 Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Sunbasque
1 Sculpting Powder in Sculpt
1 Shaping Powder in Emphasize

I do enjoy a good contour and I love me some blush so I can not wait to try this out! I haven't taken the pans out of the packages yet until I get further photos for my blog but I want to do it today so I can try it out.

I was hesitant to place this order because I spent more than I normally do, plus I am supposed to be working on paying off debt and not just buying things all willy nilly. BUT I have been lusting after one of these palettes for so long now, I could not help myself. Of course I will be trying both items out really well and making sure they are fit to be kept. I never used to make returns before but one of my resolutions is to stop keeping things that don't work out for me, especially pricier items. But I have a feeling these will work out. 

Just because I now have this palette doesn't mean that I am going to neglect the Building My Dream Mac Palette. I am still super stoked to be doing that and have already ordered my March shade. It was a close tie between Smut and Satin Taupe, I really like both, and could not make up my mind which to pick. You will have to wait for the post to see which one I ended up ordering! I am getting it this week because I got it during the Next Day promotion and I am excited to see my pick in person. Look for that post in the next two weeks and at some point I will have a review posts for the two items in this haul as well. I have a ton of other stuff to post before then, but I will try to get to them as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, I'd love to know your thoughts on these Mac X15 palettes.

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