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Building My Dream Mac Palette Series Post #1 Swiss Chocolate

As you might know I am having a love affair with all things eyeshadow. In the past year I have been very interested in getting one of the 15-pan Mac palettes because I always hear that the quality of those is much better than the smaller more affordable palettes. But they were $85 bucks. FYI: There has been a recent price reduction on all of Mac's pre-made palettes and these larger ones are now $65, which is quite exciting! I digress, so anyways during the holidays these went on sale and I was THIS close to getting the Nordstrom's Finest Palette but it just didn't convince me 100%, none of the three palettes convince me fully. They all have too many shades that I just don't like and for being such an expensive palette I really want to love each and every shade. 

That's when I realized that in order to have a Mac palette full of shades that I fully love, I would have to build it. It's not the easiest feat as I had never owned a Mac shadow before, therefore quite a bit of research is going to go into this endeavor. But what an endeavor right? How much more fun can it be than to build your very own palette! This is a job that I can definitely get behind. 

Being such a newbie to Mac shadows I knew that I didn't want to go grab a bunch of shades at once. Instead I plan on building this palette slowly, and only adding a shade once I have fully vetted it. At this point I don't even know which finish I should be looking for or which shades are a must-have. That's why I think this blog series is going to be a fun one. I imagine there might be some trial and error or a few shades that might need exchanging as we go through the series, but I also think it's going to be informative. I don't see a lot of current Mac eyeshadow reviews, Mac seems to be a more OG brand and people are much more into all the other shadows that are super popular at the moment. But that's ok, because I want a Mac palette and that's what I shall have.

When it came time to picking out my first shade I already knew which one I wanted. I saw this a few months ago on a YouTube tutorial and it's always been in the back of my mind. I was super excited to go to the Mac store and pick up my empty palette, the insert and the one shadow that would begin the building of my dream Mac Palette. My first pick is Swiss Chocolate which is a beautiful muted red brown. 

After that initial tutorial, I have seen a few more featuring Swiss Chocolate and I knew I had to have it in my palette. 

Swiss Chocolate is a matte finish so it's going to give me an idea as to how Mac matte shadows are. I think the next shade I pick will be another finish so I can start comparing.

I think it's such a beautiful shade, though the swatch isn't exactly mind blowing. But I know that this is going to be super versatile and such a great crease shade. 

I am very excited to have begun the building of my dream Mac Palette. This is going to be a 9 month adventure that's going to be a blast and I seriously can't wait to see the end result. When I look at this mostly empty palette right now, you know what I see? Possibilities! So many possibilities.

I'd love to know what Mac shade/s you would add to your dream Mac Palette.

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  1. I just got my first MAC Palette and I can't wait to fill it up.
    Great post!!