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Wet n Wild Spring 2016 Collection ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palettes

The Wet n Wild Spring 2016 Spring Into The Wild Collection includes two 3-pan ColorIcons. Here is a closer look at The New Romantics and To In-Di-O I Go Go. 

The New Romantics and To In-Di-O I Go Go are two super cute ColorIcons in white limited edition packaging. Both palettes feature a lot of shimmer, one palette has three shimmer shades and the second has one matte and two shimmers. I knew right off that these would not be wearable for myself  (I am too old for such cuteness) but the colors are really pretty and as a collector I had to buy them. The two displays that house this Wet n Wild Spring collection are so cute, so Easter and so fun!

To In-Di-O I Go Go features 2 shimmer shades and one matte
The New Romantics features 3 shimmer shades

When I saw these in the display I immediately zoned in to To In-Di-O I Go Go because of the turquoise shade. I was certain that this would be my favorite of the two because of that brighter pop of color. And I actually thought that The New Romantics looked a little dull. I ended up being really surprised once I swatched both palettes. 

the new romantics

When I first saw The New Romantics I was not super excited. That's why I swatched it first and I ended up being way more impressed with this palette than the other. All three shades in this palette are shimmer and as you might know, Wet n Wild really does shimmer shadows nicely. All three of the shades in The New Romantics are very pigmented and smooth, the browbone shade being super buttery. I didn't have to build these up at all, they went on fully pigmented. All of the shimmer shades are a little powdery, but this palette really is nice.

The New Romantics is for those of you who love pastel, shimmer shades. This is going to be super pretty for spring and at $2.99, such a steal. 

To In-Di-O I Go

To In-Di-O I Go definitely looked more exciting because of that turquoise shade and the fact that it includes a matte is also a bonus. BUT, but, but...that matte shade is pretty terrible. In order to build up this swatch I had to layer that too many times and it's still not showing up super bright. The same thing happened with the browbone shade, while the one in the other palette was super pigmented and buttery, this one is a total fizzle and not as shimmery. The turquoise shade is okay, but it's the only one of the three shades that is, which makes this palette less of a winner for me. However, at the price and for that turquoise color I would still suggest getting it. Remember that it is limited edition palette, so if you do collect, it's kind of a must. 

I did not wear either of these palettes so I don't know if there will be fall out, though judging by the swatches I imagine the shimmer shadows might have some. I don't think I will be trying these out, I gave both to my little girl because for her they are absolutely perfect. That doesn't mean I don't think they won't look good on anyone else, I am just too old to rock that pastel shimmer. 

Overall I think the ColorIcons from the Spring Into The Wild Wet n  Wild collection are fun. I don't think they're going to be super wearable for many but they are nice. If I had to recommend one I would def say you need The New Romantics, that browbone shade is killer, and all three shades will create a gorgeous pastel eye look.

What do you think of these spring Wet n Wild ColorIcons?

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  1. You've taken great photos, so atmospheric and deep for me. Photos of Actresses, magazines, some little things..I seemed to find myself in this world of tenderness, refinement and glamour. And I almost forgot) thank you for the full description of the product, I was just looking for a review on these shadows