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Wet n Wild Geometric Highlighting Powders - Spring 2016

The Wet n Wild Spring Into The Wild collection just hit the shelves. This collection includes 4 polishes, three eyeliners and two ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palettes (see my review here) along with these Geometric Highlighting Powders. 

From the collection, these Geometric Highlighting Powders are my least favorite item and they are the most expensive at $4.99. Right off the bat let me tell you that there are so SO subtle as highlights, that I though they might be finishing powders. But I've seen a few reviews now and I guess they are highlighters, just not the "in your face" highlighters we are seeing all over social media. These are extremely subtle on my skin tone and I am an NC35. I can see where these might be better for lighter for lighter skin tones than myself or anyone that is looking for a hint of highlight instead of an all-out in your face glow. 

But let's check them out one at a time. They really are pretty to look at and I love that geometric design.

The Geometric Highlighting Powders come in three shades: Desert Explorations, Where The Dreamers Go and Sun Ceremony. As cute as Where The Dreamers Go is with its pastel shades, I knew that would be too chalky one me but I really love how shimmer and golden Sun Ceremony is in the pan. 

Sun Ceremony is absolutely gorgeous and I just wish you could really admire those golden shimmer shades. Definitely my fave and pick of the three.

Stunning. Have I mentioned how much I love the white Wet N Wild limited edition packaging?

Desert Explorations is the pinkie highlighter of the set. Looking at the pan I don't see as many shimmers as I do in Sun Ceremony. 

Where The Dreamers Go Geometric Highlighting Powder is beautiful! I love the pastel shades in this palette but of course I knew this would be either too chalky or light on my skin.

the swatches

As I stated above, the Wet n Wild Geometric Highlighting Powders are super subtle and in indoor lighting they are not even cute because they just look chalky. When I placed my arm in the light I was then able to see some of that subtle shimmer and it was pretty, but that didn't really translate in regular light. 

These Wet n Wild Geometric Highlighting Powders are overall not what I was expecting. And Wet N Wild makes some incredible highlights: I own FOUR of the Fergie To Reflect Shimmer Palettes and those are amazing, especially Hollywood Blvd. In comparison to those, these are nowhere in the same ballpark, or planet.

Please remember that I am giving you my thoughts and what I saw on my skin tone, these can and should show up on lighter skin tones a lot better. I decided to return two and keep Sun Ceremony just because it does me no good to keep products I can't use. If you bought these yourself or are planning to, I would love to know your thoughts. 

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  1. I just bought these and I HATE them, they all show up the same color on my skin. I am sooooo disappointing with these, they are going back TOMORROW