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#MorpheMe January Makeup Brush Delivery Review

I have another exciting review for you! I seriously love how we are starting 2016 with a bang, there are so many new things that are just so fun. As an avid beauty lover and collector, one of the things I enjoy the most are monthly subscriptions. As of now I have tried: Boxycharm, Ipsy, Beautique and another who's name I forgot. If you already have a huge makeup collection or are a high-end only lover, then these monthly boxes are probably not your thing. But for those who are just starting or those who really enjoy trying out a variety of products, monthly boxes really give you that variety without spending too much. Today I want to share something that's brand new to monthly subscriptions: a monthly brush club! This is something that has definitely been missing in the monthly box game, and I was super excited to get off the waitlist a few weeks ago. 

A few months ago I went to the Morphe store in hopes of getting some brushes but the store was so packed I had to leave without any. Now I don't have to worry about returning as this service will deliver brushes to my door every month for $19.99. Let's check out the January #MorpheMe delivery. 

Each month #MorpheMe will deliver at least $30 worth of brushes and the amount of brushes will change. The December shipment included 4 brushes (I so wanted the foundation brush from last month but they sold out super fast) and for January there is a whopping 8. That means that the brushes from December were more expensive, but this actually worked perfect for me because it gave me enough brushes to use on my daily makeup. And that is exactly what I have been doing since they arrived so that I could give you a thorough review. 

The brushes for January are:
M215 - brow brush
M173 - mini buffer
M217 - bent liner
M167 - oval shadow
M200 - deluxe crease
M176 - tapered blender
M209 - chisel pointed fluff
M208 - chisel deluxe fluff

Before I review the brushes, let me give you my cons. Nothing came in the envelope I received besides the brushes. We def need a card in the mailer that includes the names of the brushes and the price, that way we know what the value of our delivery with a description of what each brush is. We're not all brush experts. 

Also, as part of their service there is supposed to be a video showing how to use the brushes with some tips from the Liveglam artists, but as of today there is still no January video and it's the 15th of the month. As someone who is barely dipping their feet into eyeshadows, this is one of the things I am looking forward to. We all want to learn how to use these tools in the right way, so I hope there will be a video soon. 

As for the brushes themselves I am very happy with them. The bristles are really soft and I have been able to use them all except the angled liner one, and they do their job. I love that I am going to finally have brushes that all look the same and since I already own some Morphe brushes, I know that the quality is definitely there.  

I am so looking forward to getting my brushes every month, I even have 3 of these Target Dollar Spot tumblers ready to store them in. I can't wait to see the three tumblers filled to the brim with gorgeous Morphe brushes. Yay!

For now my #MorpheMe brushes have a spot next to my Sonia Kashuk Starstruck set. I'll try to get around to reviewing those at some point. If you follow me on social media you will know that I had also purchased the large gold set but I ended up passing it to my daughter. I kept this 4 piece set because it's so pretty but I was not super pleased with the brushes themselves so I passed the others on. I am much more excited about these Morphe brushes. 

A look at each brush and some thoughts 

I thought this was a liner brush so I have been using it for lining with shadow.

I'm not sure what this brush is for but I have used it for shadow and to contour my nose. It's very dense and it's nice and soft. 

This one is intriguing but I haven't had a chance to use it yet.

I really like this crease brush, it's nice and tapered for my droopy lids. I am learning that for my lids, I have to work with small brushes since my lids are starting to really go south.

This one is fantastic! It's great for blending concealer and really gets into the inner corner.

These two are also small so they worked really well for me for packing and blending.

Overall I am very happy with my very first month of #MorpheMe brushes. I know a few of these are only $1.99 and a little higher, so it's going to be exciting when we get some of the more expensive ones. I think this will be a nice way to build a professional style brush collection and I can pass any that don't work for me to my girls. This is only the second month of the #MorpheMe service so I am sure with time they will give us a card and get those instruction videos out on time. For now, I am really looking forward to every month and it's exciting because I haven't been into a monthly box for a while now. I hope you enjoyed my review and that this gave you insight into this service so you can make an informed decision on joining or not. What do you think about having brushes delivered to your door? 

Join #MorpheMe for $19.99 a month plus tax.

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