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Essence All About Greys Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Mini Review

I have had a mad love for Essence for years now, so I was super thrilled to hear that they were finally coming to Target stores (select). Munkey, my daughter partnered up with them to come up with a look for the launch and I went to Target to pick up the stuff for her since she was crazy throwing up all day. I found the display pretty picked over but I did manage to snag enough items for her look and thought that you all would appreciate checking out the palette. I believe there was supposed to be five palettes in the display but this was the very last one there, talk about selling out like hot cakes! You can tell I am not the only one who is excited to welcome Essence to Target!

So let's take a closer look at the All About Greys Eyeshadow Palette from Essence shall we? 

The price for these 8-pan palettes at Target is $5.49 which is super affordable. I own three similar 6-pan palettes that I got from Ulta and I think those are $4.99 a piece. I wish I could have seen the rest of the palettes but this is a good looking one for anyone that enjoys cool toned, smoky grays and silvers. I find that blue/gray shade on top to be really enchanting and could not wait to see how it would swatch. 

I think something to bring up is the low price of these palettes and how even though this might be 'inspired " by the UD Smoky Palette, it's not going to truly compare.  The Urban Decay Smoky Palette is $54 and the Essence palette $5.49 so really to compare them is to do this palette a disservice, because two items so different in price can't compete. At least that is my opinion. 

A look at the rest of the Essence products I picked up at Target. As time passes I will be picking up more items and posting reviews. 

the swatches

This palette features two matte shades (the white and black) which are pretty darn awesome. It's not easy to find either a white or black shadow from the drugstore that are pigmented and smooth, both of these are. The black is so deep that it's perfect to be used as a liner as well, I love how smooth it swatched and was so surpised by it. The blue/gray has to be my favorite though and I can see myself using that a lot. 

Ah the bottom row...

The bottom row has me scratching my head as it's not the same as the top row at all. These shades all have a lot more glitter and the last three swatched uneven and crumbly, they were like a totally different formula. I still really like third shade a lot though and I think it's probably workable with some Fix+. 

Munkey did a very light smoky look, she's not the biggest fan of cool tones and only sticks to warm neutrals. I'll def be keeping an eye for the other palettes so I can buy her one of the nudes, which I know she will enjoy more. 

Overall for $5.49 I think the Essence All About Smoky Eyeshadow Palette is definitely worth buying. Yes the bottom row is a little troubling but there is almost nothing some Fix+ can't fix and the top row is pretty bomb. Plus that black shade can double as a really smooth and pigmented liner, which is hard to find even in high-end palettes. So yes, I think it's a keeper!

Have you gotten any of these Essence goodies from target yet?

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