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Walgreens Exclusive Cinderella Disney Collection Haul

Hello my Disney fans! Today I want to share with you my most recent Walgreens Disney Beauty haul which features the new Cinderella collection! This collection comes on the heels of the Disney Villains collections and is just as amazing as the other collections have been. I originally was not going to order this collection because as of the time I ordered it, it was online-only. As of tonight I have spotted an Instagram post where someone has already seen the collection in store, so I imagine that it will soon be available at all stores. I decided to go ahead and place my order after having a few people tag me and ask me to review it. In the end I ended up being super impressed with Walgreens.com. This was the first time I ordered online with them and not only did I find a 15% OFF coupon, but I also got FREE shipping and my order arrived the day after I placed it. That is some insanely fast shipping right? 

Okay so on to the Cinderella Collection. FYI: these Disney collections are Walgreens exclusives and made by the same company that owns Wet n Wild. I personally LOVE Wet N Wild and have found these collections to be pretty great quality.  

I ordered everything from the collection with the exception of a trio of glosses and the second lipstick which seemed a very weird, pale shade. As with the other Disney Collections, the artwork of the Cinderella collection is off the wall! In person you can really appreciate every single detail that went into this design. 

The first item is the Cinderella Beauty Book. This is $9.99 and includes 9 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, one gloss, a brush and a liner. The color scheme for the Cinderella Collection is all about pale pastel shades, it's definitely the softest collection to date from this range. You can see the inside of the book in a picture below. 

Now say hello to the star of the Cinderella Collection, this is the Ready For The Ball Eyeshadow Palette and nothing prepared me for the massive size of this palette. Online Walgreens has these teeny, tiny photos that give you NO idea that this palette is so large. I almost skipped it because of the price and it wasn't until seeing it in person that I understood why it's priced higher ($14.99) than any item in any of the Disney Collections. 

And let me tell you that this palette is one of the most beautiful makeup items I have seen in my life. Sure, the packaging is cheap plastic and not high-end but the outer art is gorgeous and once you see the shadows your jaw literally hits the floor. There is a mix of some of the most beautiful shimmer shades I have ever seen along with mattes and the entire thing is just STUNNING!

This is the A Dream Come True All-In-One Highlighter, Bronzer and Blush Set. This was $4.99 and it's super cute. I love the clock design and I am happy to note that this brush is much nicer than the one that came with the Pocahontas bronzer. It's still not nice enough to use on your face, but I will be keeping this one with the bronzer versus chucking it like I did with the Pocahontas one. 

The Past Midnight Eyeshadow Primer is $2.99 and is in a very cute tube. I don't really use primer or at least it's not something I use a lot of, I just picked it up because it's part of the collection. However, I will try it out to see how it works. 

The last item from the Cinderella Collection that I ordered is the lipstick in Pretty Pink. They had one other shade that looked yellow online so I totally skipped that. This tube is super cute and the shade is a pink that will be cute on my daughter.

I hope to be getting swatches done of both of the palettes this weekend so keep an eye out for those. For now I just wanted to share the collection with you all and let you see what it looks like since the online pictures, especially the ones on the Walgreens site, don't really show how nice each item is. I'd love to know what you think of this Cinderella Collection. Do you have the other sets and if so which is your favorite so far?

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