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‪#‎Mac‬ ‪Evening Rendezvous‬ / Magic of the Night Collection

Mac's recent release of the Magic Of The Night Collection was met with a lot of chatter on social media. This was another one of those Mac collection releases that people stayed up overnight for, refreshing that button every minute, hoping for the infamous "OH Darling!" highlight. I was not one of those people, though I did end up buying two of the highlights. But for the collection launch I did nothing, I was TRYING to not spend anymore money since I had already reached my makeup budget for October. Unfortunately the Instagram gods were against me and I kept seeing post after post of not just the highlight but the lipsticks too. 

I made a deal with myself to pick up only one of the lipsticks, though to tell the truth I really wanted the red one too. But this shade caught my eye more and so I placed my order on the Nordstrom site and awaited my lippie. The wait was completely worth it, when I received my Evening Rendezvous lipstick I was immediately struck with how gorgeous the outer packaging is! I wish had another, just so I can look at them in my little MAC drawer, they would look so pretty against all the other tubes. 

Evening Rendezvous is a semi-matte medium purple. This is one of those super wearable muted purples that you don't have to be afraid of. I personally own about 8 dark purple shades, but I don't wear them all that often because on the one hand they don't look that great on me and they can be intimidating. 

Evening Rendezvous‬ has warm pink tones in it which gives the purple a slight berry look and I do think that it suits me a lot better than my dark purples. 

Evening Rendezvous‬ has a matte finish (semi-matte) and it goes on very soft and smooth. I love that about this Mac matte formula, this line is actually why I began to buy Mac lippies. Wear-time for me is about 6 hours and the feeling is very comfortable while wearing.

Evening Rendezvous‬ is still available on the Mac site in case you are interested as well as the other three shades from the Magic of the Night Collection. I would totally recommend this shade to anyone that loves this kind of muted purple shade. 

Look for a review post on OH Darling! very soon!

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