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Macy's Exclusive Clinique Kisses Review & Swatches

Last weekend I was innocently perusing the Clinique section at Macy's online when I happened upon a lip set that was so stinking adorable, I had to order it on the spot. I don't have a lot of experience with Clinique makeup, just recently I have fallen in love with their Clinique Pop Lipsticks and that's what I was looking for. But it was the presentation and price that hooked me to this set on the spot. I am a big fan of matte lippies and though I could barely see Macy's tiny photo, the color range looked really nice. There were NO reviews or swatches online, so I had to order it hoping it was a good set.  But I'm super happy I ordered them because they are as cute in person, and they swatch amazing! 

This is the Macy's Exclusive Clinique Kisses featuring 5 long lasting soft-matte lipsticks. 

Pricing on the Clinique Kisses set is only $25, which by high-end standard is low. And since you're getting five lipsticks, well then it becomes a steal. $5 a lipstick is drugstore pricing! The set comes in this adorable box which makes it perfect for gift giving. 

 How adorable is this design? And yes, these lipsticks are full-sized.

The range of colors is beautiful. If there is anything missing, since they did launch it in fall, it would be a berry or wine shade. But other than that I think they gave is a very nice range with these and there is at least a few that you will love and can wear.

The Sweet Talker: Matte Petal. This is the only one that I might not be able to wear, it's a little too light for my skin tone but the swatch is beautiful. I still haven't tried them on my lips but I might be able to make this work by adding a darker lip liner or gloss. Maybe. But if you ARE a pink girl, then I think you will love Matte Petal.

The Good Kisser: Matte Crimson. A beautiful red, a must for any holiday collection and this is a gorgeous red.

The Hug & Kisser: Matte Beauty is like a mauvey/pink. It's a gorgeous color and I am hoping this one suits my skin tone. This for me is like an everyday, can't go wrong shade.

The Life Of The Party: Matte Magenta. Yeah, this is totally the life of the party, it's a  very bright magenta shade that is totally fun. 

The Pretty Pouter: Matte Plum. This called plum but to me it's more of a purple, but it's a super wearable shade of purple not a bright scary one. I love this shade and I am thrilled that they included a purple in the set. 

the swatches

Clinique's description of the Clinique Kisses Collection is a long-lasting soft matte. As a soft matte, I did expect them to be very soft and creamy and they absolutely are. They are fully pigmented, creamy and the shades are amazing! I am excited about all of them, especially the red and purple, but the entire set is a dream. I am debating getting a second set to break up as stocking stuffers, and I probably will. And I am in love with my set and have it out in my makeup area so I can see the cute lipstick tubes all day long.

Don't forget that the Clinique Kisses Set is a Macy's Exclusive, in case you want to get it. I would love to know your thoughts on this super adorable collection. 


  1. Thanks very much for the swatches. I am picking my set up today!!! Thanks again!!

  2. Thanks very much for the swatches. I am picking my set up today!!! Thanks again!!

  3. Love these colors!!