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Disney Villains Maleficent Vixen's Kiss Lip Set Review & Swatches

As you might know if you follow me on social media, I recently purchased most of the Disney Villains Makeup Collection from Walgreens. Today I have quickie review of one of the sets: Disney Villains Maleficent Vixen's Kiss Lip Set. 

The Villains Maleficent Vixen's Kiss Lip Set is priced at $5.99 and I do believe these are still in stock at Walgreens right now all depending on how many people have hit each store. This whole Villains collection is extremely popular so you might find some stores that are completely emptied out, I got my stuff on the day that the display hit my area. 

First things first; let's talk about the detail that was put into this packaging. The designers of this collection did an amazing job, just like the Disney Princess collection of a few months ago. The Villains Set is all dark and they included a lot of foil around the entire box of each item. I did not keep the box to this set but a few of the smaller items, I am keeping in boxes because they are too pretty to throw out.

The Disney Villains Maleficent Vixen's Kiss Lip Set includes three large chubby sticks that are longer than the regular chubby tube and very cute with Maleficent on them. The lids are another story; those don't stay on very well, which is a common problem with a lot of these drugstore chubby pencils. I think this is the only con to this set; you probably should not travel with them or even throw them in your bag. Don't risk a mess in your bag, just keep them stored at home.

A closer look at the Disney Villains Maleficent Vixen's Kiss Lip Set chubby pencils. I knew that I would love the wine shade and that purple had me super intrigued. I love coral too so there really wasn't a bad shade for me in this set, but how would they swatch?

the swatches

Amazing that's how! I was disappointed when I opened the box and saw how crappy the lids on these tubes were, but once I swatched them on my arm, I cared no more about the lids. These are beautiful! Definitely from the makers of Wet n Wild because you have that same great pigmentation and soft, buttery feel going on. 

Seriously you guys, this set is only $6 and you are getting three super cute Villain lippies that are pretty darn awesome. That pigmentation is spot on, the purple shade totally reminds me of that super coveted Mac shade from the Bao Bao Wan collection (Lavender Jade). The coral is not too cool so it's going to be very wearable and I am just in love with the wine/berry shade. For two bucks a pop on these, I would say totally grab them if you can!

Here you can see what the purple shade looks like. My lips were having a dry day so it didn't go on as creamy as on my arm but the color is beautiful, in person it's almost florescent, a total eye-catching shade!

The holidays are coming and if you have a Disney Villain lover at home, or you are a Disney Villain lover, then you need to grab these. The price is great, and the only downfall are those lids. I give the Disney Villains Maleficent Vixen's Kiss Lip Set  two thumbs up and a pinky!!

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