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July Beauteque Monthly BB Bag

Today I want to share my July Beauteque BB Bag which I know is pretty late especially since I just got the August bag, but better late than never I always say. Okay so a little background on this. I LOVE Asian beauty and have no access to it besides mall stores that price everything pretty high. When I found out there was an Asian beauty bag I knew that I had to jump on it asap. This is my very first bag and I was so excited to get it. The Beauteque BB Bag is $24 a month so it's $3 more than Boxycharm but it's still an amazing value. Beauteque is also an online store so you can find anything in the bag plus a whole lot more on their site and I have noticed that they run promotions a lot. Okay so let's get started with my July Beauteque BB Bag unboxing. If you want to see he YT video version of this just follow this link!

The first thing I noticed upon receiving my envelope is how HUGE July's bag was. This is so much bigger than the size of an Ipsy bag. And it was full of all kinds of goodies!!

Tony Moly Crystal Blush : My first Tony Moly item. It doesn't seem to be the most pigmented blush but that was on an arm swatch, sometimes blushes show up a lot more on the face than a swatch. Still I was happy to get a makeup item and from a brand I have been hoping to try. 

Aloe Soothing Moist Toner. This item is geared for dryer skin tones which is right up my alley, I have been using it on and off and it's ok. I will have to use it more to get better sense as to if it made any difference on my skin. I do really enjoy the aloe scent it has though.

Etude House Choco Milk Talk. Amazing and so adorable! This was my favorite item from the entire bag. The adorable design as well as the milk chocolate scent are to die for. Seriously, this stuff smells just like a jug of chocolate milk. This is something that I will purchase again, and in other scents too. I saw some other people get a strawberry scent and others got a baby powder scent, I look forward to checking out both.

Next I got something I was really excited for. A Beauteque Foundation Brush that is beautiful and a great size. I have a few Wet n Wild versions of this brush, which I really like so it was nice to get a nicer version of it. I like using this style of brush when I want my thinner foundations to give me higher coverage and I really like this brush. Anytime that I can get a tool in my monthly bags I am super happy because they tend to be the products that I use the most.

Next we got the Golden Monkey Glamour 3-Step Lip Kit. Once again what adorable packaging on this item! We love Monkeys around these parts and I knew Cici would totally love this kit. I don't think she's tried it yet but I'm sure that she will be using it.

Lastly I got a 4 pack of masks from the brand The Yeon. I thought they were little baby foods when I first looked at them but they are actually 4 separate masks. I also gave these to Cici who is the one that really enjoys masks and skincare, and I know she's already used two. These are a fun and cute way to do a mask without opening up a new container and I think those little pods are adorable.

Overall my first month with the Beauteque BB Bag was a really good one. I think the selection of items was great, and I liked that I didn't get just skin care but a makeup item, a brush and even a body wash! For $24 I think you definitely get your money's worth with the Beauteque Monthly BB Bag.

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