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L'Orel Le Matte in Matte-R of Fact

Oh it's taken me about a minute to be able to get ahold of the newly re-released L'Oreal Le Matte and La Laque's but I finally got four of them! I am a big fan of this line of lippies and have 5 from the 2103 release, something you might now if you follow me on Instagram. I was so upset last time when I had only gotten ahold of 5 by the time they pulled them away from us. It was one of those moments that taught me the lesson of moving quickly when it comes to limited edition items. 

Since it took me forever to find these I had already seen quite a few YT vids with swatches for these and I knew that one of the colors I had to pick up was the  L'Oreal Le Matte in Matte-R of Fact. I am such a sucker for bright shades and this is as bright and fun as you can get, while still being very wearable. And I mean it ladies...do not let this shade scare you, it's very bright & fun and I think it will look great on all skin tones.

Before we head to see the swatches let me tell you a bit about the  L'Oreal  LeMatte line. It's supposed to be a velvety full-coverage lip color that has a velvet matte finish. You don't get a lot of product with these, they have .032 oz and a regular lipstick has .14 0z. But I think we all know that when we buy these pencil like lippies you're just not going to get that much, and this line to me is worth it, even with the $10 price tag.

Matte-R of Fact is a raspberry color that is super bright and vibrant. I see so many people describing  this shade as a purple, but to me it's raspberry on the first two coats. If you layer more than that then the shade starts to take on a more purple color. Either way there is no way to go wrong with this one, look how pretty it is.

This  L'Oreal Le Matte line is a pleasure to apply. It's almost as if you were applying a Maybelline Matte Lipstick, it has the same soft feel. The color is very pigmented so you don't have to layer more than the one coat. When you're wearing them you sort of forget that anything is even on your lips because they are so comfortable, there is no dry feeling at all. What I like a lot about these is how long they stay on, even though they are NOT transfer-proof, they set on your lips and stain so even after eating they will most likely still be on. The day I wore this, I applied it once, added some more color a few hours later and still had it on at the end of the day. The only place I lost any color at all after eating was at the very middle of my lips.

 L'Oreal Le Matte in Matte-R of Fact is probably going to be my favorite of the shades I picked up, and this is considering that I bought a red and that's usually my fave.

p.s. my liner is super sketchy in these photos, please ignore it. I can never get the left eye to wing right.

I will have a post up soon on the other shades that I have, I think I will even do one on the shades I have from 2013. I'm so HAPPY that  L'Oreal brought these back to us!!!

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