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Bath & Body Works Sweet Summer Haul

I hit up one of my favorite stores last week Bath & Body Works and did some damage with my credit card. I do have a YouTube video for this haul in case you want to see that but I thought a post was worth making too so you can see just how beautiful the presentation on all this stuff is. So let's check out all the damage shall we?

The FREEBIES: Okay so I had two free travel sized coupons, I usually get these every time a new scent comes out. If you don't get them make sure you opt into their mail online or you can update your info with them in-store. The larger bottle was from another coupon I got in-store last month, that was for a free item with a $10 purchase. 

The Hand soaps: I buy hand soap from BNBW all the time and have quite a stash at home. We go through these pretty fast and I share with my girls, so it's always a good time to stock up on more. I don't even know why I only got four this trip! Anyways, how cute are these bottles, so SUMMER!

The Shower Gel:  My store still had bins full of 75% off clearance and I had 2 20% off coupons from the mailer, making these body washes $2.50 a piece. Super cheap right? I got 10 total. 

Now let's talk about my favorite scent from this Haul which is called beach Breeze and it is from one of the 2 new lines. This is part of a 3 scent line and the only one of the three that appealed to me. I love this scent...which is described as a soft ocean breeze of fresh blue cotton, coconut water and gardenia. It reminds me so much of Charmed Life, one of my all time favorites. I'm going to wait for a coupon and go back for the lotion and soap plus a backup or two of the fragrance mist.  

Next up I got 5 of the brand new PocketBacs. I think these are super cute. It's going to pain us to not be able to use the many, many holders that we have purchased for the original design and I hadn't even realized that they were completely canceling that out. We have so many of the $7.50 light up ones! SIGH!!!! But these are cute, and life goes on and I guess BNBW has to change things up. And not only the design, they raised the price so now PocketBacs are 5 for $6, a whole dollar more!

Last but certainly not least are the 4 new scents from the second NEW collection. I call these the fruities because I never know the names of the collections. Do they even have names for them, if not they should. Anyways THIS COLLECTION! I mean...need I say more?

The colors, the scents, the STRAW DETAIL, everything about this collection screams SUMMA!!!! There is a 5th scent in this collection called Iced Coconut Colada which I did not pick up because it's a musky scent and I can't handle musk. But these four above are all sweet, fruity and downright delightful. I SO want the rest of the items from this line, the packaging is all so beautiful and so summery. Bath & Body Works really knows how to make us spend that money, am I right??

So this was my most recent Bath & Body Works Sweet Summer Haul. I'd love to know your thoughts on this, and which your favorites are. 

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