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5 Years in the Making

I started blogging on July 2010, almost 5 years ago. When I did that it was because I was looking to earn a living, to find some way to work from home and make enough money to live. At that point I had already been "working" online for over 2 years, but had not quite found the key to earning online.  I spent the first two years blogging as a review blogger, which were okay years but not my favorite. There was for me no passion in reviewing products, especially for no money. I would literally spend hours of my time preparing a post for items that were basically throw aways. Sure I got some nice stuff once in a while, but you can't pay your rent with free coffee and makeup. Right? I didn't want to review items, I wanted to have a voice in social media and I wanted to have a career. That's the first time that we did some major rearranging, separating the two blogs and refusing to do any more review type posts. We needed to make money, and we set off to do it with quite a bit of success.  

Now I'd like to do more of what makes me happy. Something that I've always been really into has been makeup and beauty. I am an avid lipstick collector, and slowly turning into an everything collector, which is pretty crazy. If you follow me on Insta or even Facebook, you know how much I love to share my finds. There's something about being on top of what's new or what you can find on a budget that really makes me happy, so does shopping high-end. What surprises me a lot about the whole beauty thing is how few ladies you see over the age of 40 on social media. And that really makes me mad because being 40 doesn't mean that we no longer want to feel beautiful or know all about the new trends in beauty. Heck, women in their 40 are at the peak of their life and we also want to be a part of the beauty world. We have the money to spend, and we are incredible consumers even at our old age...lol. 

Red Lipstick Diaries has been 5 years in the making. 



  1. Congrats on the new blog. You have motivated me a few times to go find and buy some of the items you posted on IG...lol glad to see you talking about beauty over 40. I just recently turned 40 and have been more into makeup than ever. Looking forward to seeing more form this blog!

  2. Knock me over with a freakin feather!!! NO WAY!!!! I thought you were in your mid twenties!!! OMG! You look amazing DAHLING!!! lol, thanks for stopping by me, it mean a lot to me. Though I am starting off a bit slow due to time constraints, I will do my best to bring the goods. Thank you Veronica!