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Using My Shit - 6 Days of Natasha Denona Mini Gold

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In an effort to use more of my Natasha Denona shadows, which are without a doubt some of my favorites, I recently had a Natasha Denona week which stretched out to over two weeks because I own a lot of ND eyeshadows and because there were a few days that I wanted to use a palette more than once. The Natasha Denona Mini Gold was the palette that I played with the most and the one I wanted to keep coming back to even when it was time to move on. 

So what is it about this small 5-pan palette that I find so special? Especially considering that I own the large Gold Palette as well and that is not just bigger but offers so much more variety. That's exactly it, the simplicity of the 5-pan colorstory, the ease with which to pick shadows and create a look for someone who isn't great at either, and of course the color story which has 3 greens which the larger palette features none of. I love a good green eyeshadow and the Natasha Mini Gold has one of the nicest mattes in my collection, a more olive green, as well as a stunning shimmer that is mixed with olive and brown (duochrome) and a gold that is super vibrant but incredible on the eyes. I also love the shade called Lodge which I used with each and every eye look I did, that shade is a tawny brown that has a hint of camel, a perfect crease or everyday one-and-done. I'd love this guy in a single.

Before this week I never knew which of Natasha's minis was my favorite, always tying the Mini Gold to the Mini Star, but after allowing myself this extra time with this little palette, it's definitely emerged as my favorite of the baby palettes. 

I managed to capture 4 of my 6 looks, while the last two were on more casual days that I did not photograph. I think with these four looks you can see that even though the Natasha Mini Gold Palette is small, it definitely packs a punch and variety can be found, if you like green and gold. 

Find my original review of this great little Natasha Denona mini here and if you'd like to purchase, this is my affiliate link for it at Sephora. At $25, I think Natasha's mini palettes are a true steal.

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