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Revolution Velvet Rose Eyeshadow Palette

It’s been over a year since I last purchased anything from Revolution, formerly known as Makeup Revolution, and it wasn\"t because nothing appealed to me, I\"ve just been trying to buy less and use more of what I already own. Still, each time I walked into Ulta I visited with this beautiful palette, Velvet Rose, each time telling myself I would one day own it. 

So it seemed serendipitious when I walked into my local Target last month and spotted the spanking-new Revolution section. And this time when I reached for Velvet Rose, I put it into my cart. It was finally time.

The Velvet Rose Palette has always made my heart go pitter patter,  I really love its moody mauve color story. Granted, I did own ABH\"s Soft Glam Palette, but I ended up selling that on Mercari still brand-new. Considering that Velvet Rose is Revolution\"s dupe of Soft Glam, it doesn\"t make sense why the "cheaper" version would be the one that would appeal to me most, but it does. Maybe it\"s the way the shades are laid out, or maybe it because I am just a really big fan of Revolution overall, and it really makes me happy that these Re-Loaded Palettes are only $7.99. 

Accesability is really important to me, I can go on about high-end palettes till the cows come home, but the teenage girl with a very limited income still lives inside of me and I love it when good quality and affordabbilty go hand-in-hand. 

And now after having the Revolution Velvet Rose Eyeshadow Palette at my disposal, I am very happy for having made the purchase. While this palette doesn\"t give me the same user experience as let\"s say a Natasha Denona Palette, because why would it, they are totally different brands, it\"s an excellent palette, especially for the price point. 

The pigmentation of these shadows is really good, I find that for me they blend well, I use a MAC Paint Pot as my primer and I don\"t set it. The shimmers are particularly pretty, my favorite shades in this palette are the two shimmers in the middle row which are just glorious. Word of warning on those, which you can actually see in my photos, is that the shimmers to get hard pan pretty quickly.

But that has always happened to me with Revolution shimmer shadows and I have come to expect it. Would it be nicer if Revolution could sort that out and control the formula? Yes. But it\"s not a deal-breaker for me as of now, especially with these two shades which are so pretty!

So my final thoughts regarding the Revolution Velvet Rose Eyeshadow Palette, who needs it? 

I think if you are a connoisseur of very high-end, luxury pallets, this is definitely not your guy, but you probably already know that. 

I think this palette is great for anyone who is looking for decent quality at a good price point. It’s a great palette for the office, for day-to-day life...without a lot of bells and whistles but a solid formula and super pretty color scheme. 

If you are looking for a similar color story but want for a more “high-end” experience, I would suggest the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow palette. 

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