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Natasha Denona Mini Glam Palette

The Natasha Denona Mini Glam Palette has to be one of the most beautiful palettes, ever. Truly, to see it is to wonder how something so small can be so incredibly captivating. I know that I absolutely fell in love from the very first time it was teased online and even though it's actually warmer in person than the original photos made it out to be, I still think it's a magnificent offering from Natasha Denona.

FYI: In case you're new to Natasha Denona Minis, they are a very small version of her larger palettes and a much more affordable $25. Yes, they are small. I have seen many complaints about the size of these palettes, which is why I suggest checking them out in person if you've never seen them. 

Personally, I think the price is reasonable for what you get, which in this case is the beauty of the Natasha Denona formula and her glorious color stories. And in the case of the Mini Glam Palette, you are getting a whole lot of everyday wearable glam, in small and very user-friendly palette. 

I purchased this palette in March of 2020 so I have had almost a year to get to know it and it's for sure been worth my while. I've reached for Mini Glam on many days that I just want that little bit of extra glamification, but still craved a pretty neutral look. And because Natasha Denona is so meticulous with her color stories, I really love that I can keep my Mini Glam looks really simple and everyday friendly or take them all the way to a smoky glam. 

I do remember being slightly dissapointed with Mini Glam when it arrived on my doorstep because the promo photos of the palette had made it out to be more cool toned. But the colors and formula immediately won me over and I have reached for it time and time again. 

In short, I think the Natasha Denona Mini Glam Palette is one of her must buy's, as long as the color story is of your liking. If you are looking for a little more grunge then I would go with my #1 the Mini Gold or my #2, the Mini Star. 

Swatches of the Natasha Denona Mini Glam Palette: Golden Flesh, Harlow, Anjo, Seed, Faye (bottom to top)

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  1. So happy to see you post again :D ! Wow, I love the look of the Mini Glam palette. I added it to my Sephora's Love List

    Mari | www.dazedmari.com