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Nathasha Denona Mini Gold Palette

I think it's pretty safe to say that Natasha Denona has become my favorite eyeshadow brand. And I don't mean to say this in a snooty way, because I love makeup from all price points. But there's just something about Natasha Denona's style that I really dig - something about the way she puts together these beautiful palettes with such interesting color stories and textures - the woman also kicks ass in the matte eyeshadow department. And while I don't own every Natasha Denona palette out there, I have returned both Lila and Biba after they didn't quite deliver what I expected, The Gold Palette, The Star Palette and my 3 minis are some of my favorites and most reached for shadows.

So what is SO special about the Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette?

Original shades: I love that she picked new shades for this smaller version of the larger palette. With The Star Mini Palette she used existing shades and while I think that's a great option for those that don't own the large palette, it was a bummer if you happened to already own it. I didn't at the time I bought the smaller version but now that I do own the original Star Palette - I can see how it's made the petite version moot. (Although I love my Mini Star, I probably will be passing it on to a family member this year.)

Quality: I purchased the Mini Sunset and gave it away shortly after because it just wasn't up to par to the large Sunset (which I ended up selling). And as much as I love my Mini Star, it too isn't as representative of Natasha's quality, but at I do think it's way better than the Mini Sunset.

The Mini Gold is another story though, it's as close to Natasha's formula as I think any of her minis have gotten. The shadows are easy to blend, they are such a pleasure to use and don't leave me wishing for something "better".

Color story: I love this color story, I think I might even like it more than the large Gold Palette, because of the greens. If you'd have asked me what was missing from the original Gold Palette, I would have said, green, green, green! So this colorstory makes me so happy, and there is not a single time that I have used this tiny baby that I don't love my finished eye look.

Overall - the Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette ($25) is now one of my very favorite palettes. I love it so much that I have been and keep debating on buying a backup. It's just such an amazing no-fail makeup item, even now as I write this I can't wait to use it again to create a smudgy, smoky green eye look. I definitely recommend picking it up if it piques your interest!

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