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Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Coffin Break

It's no surprise that I am such a fan and absolute sucker for Wet n Wild Limited Edition collections. So when I happened upon one of the Halloween 2019 displays, I simply had to pick up one of the ColorIcon Eye-shadow Palettes, even if I don't exactly love these newer iterations. 

Also, who doesn't love a good Halloween themed makeup item? I actually had a really hard time picking between Coffin Break and another shade that was all reds and black, but this ended up being the more wearable of the two. Normally, I would have thrown caution to the wind and picked up the more cool or fun option, but this past year (and my current low-buy) have taught me that it's wiser to go with something that I can actually put to use. 

Pricing at CVS for these palettes is $6.99, which I feel is a bit steep. But then again pricing at the drugstore is at an all time high. Fortunately, you can often find Wet n Wild on some sort of deal or sale, I ended up paying a few dollars and scoring $5 in ExtraBucks at CVS for my palette.

Coffin Break (I love the name!) ColorIcon is a mix of neutral mattes and shimmers that is pretty everyday friendly, especially if you are looking for some fall-themed eye-shadows.

I really like the matte shades in this palette, all are shades that I could really see myself using consistently.

The large Transition Shade on top is a great shade for not just the crease but for blending and helping to blow out an eye look. There inclusion of a large black pan of shadow really appealed to me as I use black shadow a lot. For sure this black is not as pigmented as it could be, but it's nonetheless serviceable and a perfect addition to this color scheme and theme. 

The dark brown and rusty red shades, are also perfect for fall eye looks and just great for smoky eyes, personally I love the brown blown out with the transition shade for a super easy chocolaty smoky eye. 

I did not use five of the shimmers in this palette for two reasons: the shades are not my type of tones, I don't love warm shadows at all, and, I don't really like this newer Wet n Wild shimmer formula. I still prefer the shimmers from older palettes like Comfort Zone and almost anything before the redesign took place. 

The only one of the shimmers that I did happily dip into is the chocolaty brown at the bottom. And while it's not a super buttery shade and certainly not the best formula, it's really pretty on the lid. It's a really interesting shade of brown too, with something of a purple undertone and an almost glossy finish. 

Between that shimmer and the four mattes, Coffin Break is a winner for me. No, it's not the most amazing palette at the drugstore and it's not winning any awards for best formula, but the color scheme is everyday friendly, the mattes are really good and the price for five shades that I really like and will actually use, is reasonable. 

Do I recommend picking up the Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Coffin Break? If you are a fan of Wet n Wild collections, especially the limited edition ones, or, if you're in need of some decent fall-tone matte colors, I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you're looking for a palette filled with amazing shimmers, a top notch formula and stay-all-day eyeshadow palette, then I would pass. 

I for one am happy with this palette and can actually see myself reaching for it, though I do think Wet n Wild has to rethink that $6.99 price tag. 


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