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My Low-Buy Year: What I Bought in February

February was a hard month for me when it came to my low-buy. How could it not be hard with so many new product launches? February was also tough when it comes to my personal life, and I find that on days I am stressed out or anxious, I tend to seek solace in the comfort of shopping. Sound familiar?

There were so many days that I was ready and willing to break my budget, I put so many products into so many shopping carts, and got so close to buying many of them,  I had to talk myself down a crap ton of times, you have no idea. Or maybe you do.

But at the end of the day I made it through what was a tough month, and I had some left over budget to roll over into March. All of my monthly check-in posts do include a breakdown of my purchases and balances, so scroll down for that.

Here are my purchases for the month of February. 

I took advantage of a free shipping day on ColourPop.com and stacked a $5 off coupon to place this order for some singles that I had been eyeing for a while. In fact, some of these shades (ying to my yang collection) have lived in my ColourPop cart for over a year. I hadn't purchased anything at this point and decided it was finally time for me to order those shadows, plus two newer ones.

I rounded out my ColourPip order by getting a Supershock shadow in a soon to be discontinued shade called Bouncy. I love the Supershock range and this shade looked like one that I would enjoy for sure. 

My second purchase of the month was the ABH Sultry Palette which went on sale at Sephora for $27. This was a completely unexpected sale on the palette and I saw that as a sign that I should of course buy it. I was able to stack a $5 gift card I had laying around and ended up scoring this highly rated ABH palette for a mere $22, an absolute steal if you ask me.

I've now had the palette a few weeks and am not sure that my decision to buy it was the wisest. While there are some cooler tones in this palette, I already own this colorstory a few times over. Plus the last time that my overflowing collection needs is another eyeshadow palette. I have actually sold two ABH palettes on Mercari in the past month, so why did I buy another?

I guess I got caught up in the sale and the fact that I still want to buy ALL OF THE PALETTES. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful palette, and the formula is as per usual, divine. But I am still working on de-cluttering all of my stash and only the best of the best, or the ones that my heart really loves can stay. I am not sure that the ABH Sultry Palette fits into either one of those categories, and so its fate is still up in the air.

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