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Fast Five Monday | Highlighting Lifestyle & Beauty Faves From Last Week

* Denotes any products received as PR. 

I know content has been a bit slow recently but I promise to be back soon with tons of new posts. Today, I want to share just a handful of favorites from last week. I've actually included 6 favorites in this post because apparently I can not count. 

Industrial Eyeshadow from the Melt Gun Metal Stack: I have really been digging into my collection these past weeks, and in just that small time have discovered so many great eyeshadows that I already own. But the Industrial single from the Gun Metal Stack is a definite standout, sorry I did not include a swatch on here, I will try to update the post later with one.

This shadow is one of the most amazing, cool-toned metallics I have ever used. It's the perfect black-taupe shade that is not super easy to find in the beauty world, plus it has the most beautifully reflective finish. I am in love with the Gun Metal Stack overall, but this shade is such a standout for me and one that I can see myself getting so much use from here on out. 

*PIXI ROSE GLOW MIST: I already love the original Pixi Glow Mist but this Rose version that I recently was sent by them is even more enjoyable to use because of the light rose scent. I really am such a sucker for a good rose scent and this product makes that last step in my makeup routine such a pleasure.

Pixi Glow Mist is a constant in my favorites, you can find other mentions of this product on the blog here and here.

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA: A few months ago I declared that I would not be repurchasing this mascara because I'm pretty sure I got a used tube of it the last time I bought it, but after using it all last week I have decided that I CAN NOT live without it. This mascara does absolute miracles on my lashes - it gives them this voluptuous, super-fluttery volume that I can't get quite anywhere else. I will admit that Lancome's Mr. Big (another favorite of mine) comes close, but something about Better Than Sex is just a step above. 

I am currently on doing my Low-Buy Year project and only have $40 per month to spend so I might not be able to replace this almost empty tube of Better Than Sex right away, but I will be getting one as soon as I can afford it and it's needed in my collection. 

WET N WILD CONTOUR PALETTE IN DULCE DE LECHE: It had been at least six months (if not longer) that I had not reached for this contour palette. Last week as I was cleaning up my collection I found it way in back and dusted it off, not sure if I actually wanted to use it. 

I have been very spoiled as of late by using the Kevyn Aucoin contour palette and more recently I delved into my Natasha Denona Sculpt & Glow Palette, which also has an amazing contour powder. So I wasn't sure if I wanted to break into my really comfortable and quite luxe contour routine by using this $3.99 contour palette -yeah, someone is becoming a snob. But I did use it and boy have I enjoyed it!

I've enjoyed it so much that I have not put it down since bringing it out and have even begun using it as a blush. I have always loved this product, it's not that it's a new love for me at all, but since I had been away from it for so long I guess I forgot just how amazing it was. And, that is exactly what this low-buy year is all about for me, rediscovering those long-lost treasures that are already a part of my collection. 

MAC LIPSTICK IN TAUPE: This has to be one of the most-used lipsticks in my collection and it's because it's a perfect nude that's a lot more wearable on me than even my other favorite, NARS Barbara. Taupe is that perfect brown nude with a hint of red that looks good even if I don't happen to have a full face of makeup on, so I can basically throw it on any time and it just makes my lips look like a better version of themselves. 

Taupe is from the matte range of lipsticks so it's not a hydrating lipstick but I don't find this to be overly-drying either and it does run smoothly on my lips, even though it's sitting in a cold bedroom. I can definitely see myself finishing off this tube (my daughter is just about done with hers) and repurchasing it. 

LP: If you've been anywhere near my Instagram stories in the past weeks then your ears are probably bleeding from the constant LP music that I have been playing. I am really new to LP - just discovered her a few weeks ago - but I am completely obsessed. I know "obsessed" in an overused term in the beauty community and it's actually not a term I often use, so when I say that I am obsessed with LP, it means I am utterly obsessed. 

If you've never heard of LP then I highly suggest checking her out on Youtube, there are a ton of live performances and videos everywhere for you to check out - I suggest the live stuff first because she's even more amazing live. Or just visit me on my Instasotries and you will be sure to hear a ton of her music there. 

And there you go, I hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet look at some of last week's standouts for me. I look forward to making this series more regular on the blog here and hope you will be back for more. 

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